Author: Brooke Borel
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022604209X
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In Infested, Borel introduces readers to the biological and cultural histories of these amazingly adaptive insects, and the myriad ways in which humans have responded to them.

Temperatures Growth And Fall Of Needles Of Engelmann Spruce Infested By Spruce Beetles

Author: J. M. Schmid
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However, the mean needle temperatures of infested and noninfested trees were
usually within 1°C of each other. Needle temperatures were significantly higher
on the east sides than on the west sides of both infested and noninfested spruce
in the morning and higher on the west sides in the afternoon. infested trees
produced new needles the summer following beetle attack. Most needles were
stripped from the infested trees during thunderstorms two summers after beetle

Mountain Pine Beetle Emergence From Infested Logs During Hauling

Author: W. C. Schaupp
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Because the possibility of creating new infestations substantial distances apart
within the contiguous forest is remote, the infestation of ornamental and
landscape trees in cities far removed from natural forests is thought to result
primarily from transportation of infested logs for use as firewood. MPB-killed trees
are commonly used for firewood because the wood is well dried and burns
readily. Firewood cutters usually do not discriminate between MPB-killed trees in
which the beetles still ...

The Infested Mind

Author: Jeffrey Lockwood
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199374937
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Strictly speaking, delusory parasitosis is the mistaken belief that one's body is
infested, so what if a person is convinced that his or her home is infested? A too
—clever entomologist called this condition “delusory cleptoparasitosis.”41 A
cleptoparasite steals resources that its host has collected or stored. Some of the
best—known cases of cleptoparasitism involve a bee or wasp infesting the home
of another species by laying eggs in its nest. The entomologist's term hasn't
caught on, ...

Phloem Temperatures In Mountain Pine Bettle Infested Ponderosa Pine

Author: J. M. Schmid
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Optimum constant temperature for complete development is 68°F (Amman and
Cole 1983), between 75 and 80° F (Safranyik and Whitney 1985), and between
73 and 75° F (Bentz et al. 1991). How MPB larvae develop under variable
temperatures in naturally infested trees may be quite different compared to their
development under constant temperatures in the laboratory. Temperatures within
the phloem of infested trees are seldom constant and the larvae can be exposed
to a range ...

Spatial Analysis Of Livelihoods Of Smallholder Farmers In Striga Infested Maize Growing Areas Of Eastern And Southern Africa

Publisher: IITA
ISBN: 9781313285
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In this section Striga infestation will be explored using the data collected in 287
households in Malawi. The histogram (Fig. 29) shows that between 0 and 100%
of farmland is infested with Striga in the targeted area. The distribution appears to
be normal and there are no values that are considered to be outliers. Figure 30
shows the results of applying the spatial interpolation technique ordinary kriging
on 287 households in Malawi. For cosmetic reasons the map extent taken into ...

Growth And Ectomycorrhizal Development Of Loblolly Pine Seedlings In Nursery Soil Infested With Pisolitus Tinctorius And Thelephora Terrestris In Virginia

Author: Donald H. Marx
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Growth and ectomycorrhizal development of loblolly pine seedlings in fumigated
soil artificially infested with vegetative inocula of Pisolithus tinctorius (Pt) or
Thelephora terrestris (Tt) containing two levels of nitrogen at the New Kent
Forestry Center Nursery, Virginia. (Each value is the mean of 10 seedlings from
each of four replicate plots.) Fungus Nitrogen I Collar Fresh weight
Ectomycorrhizae by Seediiggs ' 1a rates Helght diameter W1t t Inocu Shoot Root
Pt Tt Total basidiocarps ...

Remedial Treatment Of Lodgepole Pine Infested With Mountain Pine Beetle

Author: Paul E. Tilden
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Box 245 Berkeley California 94701 Research Note PSW-374 May 1985 Paul E.
Tilden 265:1 Y OF I,” w NOV 7 1985 \, Tilden, Paul E. Remedial treatment
oflodgepolepine infested with mountainpine beetle: efficacy ufthree insecticides.
Res. Note PSW-374. Berkeley, CA: Pacific Southwest Forest and Range
Experiment Station, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture; I985. 4 p.
Lindane is registered for remedial control of bark beetles; however, forestry uses
are controversial and ...

Predicting The Rate Of Change In Timber Value For Forest Stands Infested With Gypsy Moth

Author: David A. Gansner
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Predicting the Rate of Change in Timber Value for Forest Stands Infested With
Gypsy Moth David A. Gansner Owen W. Herrick Abstract Presents a method for
estimating the potential impact of gypsy moth attacks on forest-stand value.
Robust regression analysis is used to develop an equation for predicting the rate
of change in timber value from easy-to-measure key characteristics of stand
condition. ODC 453—145.7 x 18.77 Lymantria dispar L. .624.4 References
Andrews, D. F. A ...