The Chinese Navy

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destroyers indeed were commissioned between 2006 and 2007. See O'Rourke (
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This source states at another point that on October 12, 2006, China launched (i.e.
, ...

Asian Maritime Power In The 21st Century

Author: Vijay Sakhuja
Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
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Delhi 8C ...

Thirty Years Of China U S Relations

Author: Sujian Guo
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carry indigenously developed and very capable C-802 and C-803 (Jane's
Information Group, Jane's Fighting Ships 2007-2008, p. 124-5). 86. Rear Admiral
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Refactoring Html

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Escape Quotation Marks in Attribute Values Convert " to &quot; or ' to &apos; in
attribute values. <blockquote cite='Jane's Fighting Ships 2007-2008, Stephen,
R.N. Saunders, p. 32'> <a title="How the Supreme Court "elected" George W.
Bush president"> <blockquote cite='Jane&apos;s Fighting Ships 2007-2008,
Stephen, R.N. Saunders, p. 32'> <blockquote cite="Jane's Fighting Ships 2007-
2008, Stephen, R.N. Saunders, p. 32"> <a title='How the Supreme Court "elected"
George W.

The North African Military Balance

Author: Anthony H. Cordesman
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Tim Fish, "Morocco Plans Second Mediterranean Naval Base," Jane's Navy
International, March 27, 2008; Lauren Gelfand, "Morocco Signs Up for NATO
Counterinsurgency Operation," Jane's Defense Weekly, June 6, 2008. 5. This
discussion draws heavily on interviews and the details provided in Stephen
Saunders, ed., Jane's Fighting Ships 2007-2008 (Jane's Information Group, 2007
), and the country section in IISS, The Military Balance, 2008. 6. Richard Scott, "
Morocco Confirms ...

China Naval Modernization Implications For U S Navy Capabilities

Author: Ronald O'Rourke
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New PLA Navy Frigate Classes Number built In service Class name Type or
building Hull number(s) (actual or projected) Source: Jane's Fighting Ships 2008-
2009 Construction of Jiangwei I-class ships appears to have ceased. ... 24
Another observer similarly stated in 2007 that a total of 28 to 30 Type 054A
frigates “are believed scheduled” for production to replace China's older-
generation frigates.25 Fast Attack Craft As an apparent replacement for at least
some of its 190 older fast ...

Indian Naval Strategy In The Twenty First Century

Author: James R. Holmes
Publisher: Routledge
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16 Jane's World Navies, July 31, 2008. 17 Jane's World Navies, July 31, 2008. 18
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Indigenous Aircraft Carrier Class (Project 71) (CVM)” Jane's Fighting Ships, July
30, 2008. 21 “Report Says India May 'Look Forward to Inducting' USS Kitty Hawk.
” BBC Worldwide Monitoring, December 6, 2007. 22 Col. Callwell, a
contemporary of ...

Jane S Fighting Ships

Author: Frederick Thomas Jane
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Frederick Thomas Jane. I Auxiliaries/China 163 1 + (1) ANWEI (TYPE 920)
Name N0 Builders Laid down Launched Commissioned 124 263 463 982 983 B-
21 B-22 B-24 B-25 DAISHANDAO 866 Guangzhou Shipyard 2006 29 Aug 2007
2008 International Displacement, tons: 1,750 standard Displacement, tons:
23,000 full load Dimensions, feet (metres): 590.5 >< 80.7 x 29.5 (130 >< 24~5><
9) Dimensions, ...

The Defence Capabilities Of Small States

Author: Shang-su Wu
Publisher: Springer
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... The Revolution of Military Affairs for Small States (Singapore: IDSS, 2004)
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2007) Jeshurun, ...

Black Salt

Author: Ray Costello
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Seafarers of African Descent on British Ships Ray Costello. Milne, G. ... Empire,
the Sea and Global History (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007), pp. 105–33
Morris ... Jane's Fighting Ships (Coulsdon: Jane's Information Group, 1999–2000)
Shaw, George T., The Liverpool Directory for the Year 1766: Containing An
Alphabetical List of the Merchants, Tradesmen and Principal Inhabitants of the
Town of Liverpool; With their respective Addresses (Liverpool: Scouse Press,