Better Homes And Gardens

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S. DEPT, 1209-A EVANSTON, LL.60204 your name (print clearly). ... The
ANTIQUES JOURNAL This highly informative, beautifully illustrated monthly
magazine contains articles throughout the year on Art, Colored & Cut Glass, Dolls
, Banks, Chinaware, Clocks, Bottles and many other types of Antiques &
Collectibles. ... Inc. Box BJ New Providence, New Jersey O7974 DATE
REMINDER CARD FILE Important dates "stare at you" so you can't forget the next
birthday or anniversary!

The School World

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Longman's new series of class books of English literature, some volumes of
which have already come our way. In the case of each of the nine volumes now
under notice the same high standard is maintained. A good text prepared from
the best authorities, large clear type and an unusually strong binding, no great
incubus of annotations and a series of most interesting and ingenious
examination questions: Such are some of the outstanding merits of this series. In
the case of al| the ...

Travel Agency Management

Author: Gerald Fuller
Publisher: South-Western Pub
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printing costs and uses the rifle approach to increase sales. The rifle approach
singles out specific ... Surveys help determine three types of prospective clients:
hot (traveling within three months), warm (three to six months), and cold (more
than six months). Hot clients should be contacted by ... Write something on the
back of the card such as, "We are now offering 30 percent off the price of a cruise;
" "Now is the time to book your Christmas package," etc. 5. Have those answering
the ...

The National Underwriter

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Does this same practice apply to new important types of sales literature —
realizing that by inviting them to share in the responsibility for the new material
they are all the more certain to recommend it enthusiastically to their own
salesmen? 21. Do you write each manager on contract anniversary date an
analysis of his experience since assuming the responsibilities of manager —
complimenting him or counseling with him as his success or lack of success
justifies? 22. Do you see to it ...

A T Rt L

Author: Eric Carle
ISBN: 9789757549215
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Rupsje Nooitgenoeg. - Prentenboek over een rupsje dat zich vol eet tot het een vlinder wordt.

The Churchman

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He speaks with great plainness upon subjects of great importance, not only to
Virginia, but to the Church at large. “THINGs Worth KNOWING; or, ... We
doubtless shall have much pleasure, when we have read it. eighty-third
anniversary of the birthday of Mrs. Jarvis. VERY considerable alarm ... THE
Unitarian Review and Religious Magazine for September has its usual variety of
matter, and its fine paper and clear type might almost make us pardon its
sentiments. It contains a sermon by ...

The Athenaeum

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Thus, you, sir, arc to be shunned except upon days marked 10, which are "good
to write or travel, send children to school or apprentice youths, &c., or deal with
booksellers, editors, cic. ... book which will be read and done with. ... It is admitted
that a knowledge of the structure of man is the best preservative against quackery
in things pertaining to the body : — would not a clear and simple knowledge of
the nature and true import of the heavenly bodies — a little but good notion of ...