Leaping Hearts

Author: P. Diane Truswell
ISBN: 9781436322515
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Victoria Louise, the Princess of Purple, is choosen to dance a special role in the school talent show. As the day of the talent show grows closer the more nervous Victoria becomes.

Leaping Hearts

Author: Jessica Bird
Publisher: Ivy Books
ISBN: 9780804119887
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After paying a fortune for a wild stallion with a bad reputation, feisty A. J. Sutherland enlists the aid of legendary equestrian trainer Devlin McCloud, a man whose career had been cut short by tragedy, to help her get the animal ready for ...

Grace Darling

Author: George William MacArthur Reynolds
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other side of the Tweed, the dear familiar face, with its crown of silvering hair, is
seen, the people cry, with leaping hearts and happy tears, “ God save the Queen
!” It is impossible not to contrast the new with the old; but as we do so, we shall be
forced to acknowledge that the new is, after all, the-child of the old, born amid
throes of anguish to live a free glad after-life of liberty and honour. It is because
our fathers fought that we possess so many privileges. It is because they
struggled and ...

The Church Seasons

Author: Alexander Henley Grant
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Our leaping hearts shall make Thee room : Thou with ]ove our hearts shall share,
Of Jove and Thee we are the care. O Father, King, whose heavenly face Shines
serene on all Thy race, We Thy magnificence adore, And Thy well-known aid
implore; Nor vainly for Thy help we call ; Nor can we want, for Thou art all ! The
Advent of the Messiah was a glowing theme for the numbers of prophets and
poets, and for the piety of saints of the Jewish dispensation ; and not the less
glowing or ...

The Negro In The American Rebellion

Author: William Wells Brown
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... been before by the death of a single individual, followed his body to the grave.
No nation ever mourned more sincerely the loss of its head than did the people of
the United States that of President Lincoln. We all love his memory still. " His
name is not a sculptured thing, where old Renown has reared Her marble in the
wilderness, by smoke of battle seared ; But graven on life-leaping hearts, where
Freedom's banners wave, It gleams to bid the tyrant back, and loose the fettered

Blackwood S Edinburgh Magazine

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that sweeter shone Than all the myrtle groves of fair Castile, And here brave
mountains rear'd their haughty front Flush'd with the closing sunset's rosy light:
Oh then were leaping hearts and straining eyes! Till Night her envious curtains
closed around, And the grey Morn awoke, whose sober ray O'ershone a weary
waste of shoreless sea. Thus day by day, a never-ending scroll, The deep roll'd
out before them, and the sky Stood ...

The Venus Smack A New Song Etc

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... he flashes, roars amain-— When shall we meet his like again UZE board the
Venus Smack! The Soldier might not silence keep, But held our every story cheap
, And deemed us fools in fact; W'ith sidelong look, he quaintly drew His
disputations into view, On board the Venus Smack. But Berwick first, and then the
Bass, ' With leaping hearts we gayly pass, Our flapping sails we slack—— Our
friends expectant on the Pier, With joyous hearts, and looks appear, To hail the
Venus Smack.

The Early Years Of Alexander Smith

Author: Thomas Brisbane
Size: 70.65 MB
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Beneath the crescent moon on autumn nights, We paced its banks with
overflowing hearts, Discoursing long of great thought-wealthy souls, And with
what spendthrift hands they scatter wide Their spirit-wealth, making mankind their
debtors. ***** Or haply talked of dearer personal themes, Blind guesses at each
other's after-fate ; Feeling our leaping hearts, we marvelled oft How they should
be unleashed, and have free course To stretch and strain far down the coming
time." And on ...

The Vampire Book

Author: J Gordon Melton
Publisher: Visible Ink Press
ISBN: 1578593506
Size: 48.26 MB
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Her first book, Leaping Hearts, a romance novel written under her family name
was published in 2002. Several years later, under the penname J. R. Ward, she
created a fantasy world populated by six warrior vampire brothers (Wrath, Rhage,
Zsadist, Phury, Vishous, and Tohrment), and their allies who live together as The
Black Dagger Brotherhood. The brotherhood's task is to defend their race against
the soulless humans who constitute the Lessening Society, enemies of the
vampire ...