2005 Lexisnexis Corporate Affiliations U S Public Companies

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2001 PNC EQUITY MGMT CORP— See PNC Financial Sen/ices Group Inc.. pg
Group Inc.. pg. 2001 PNC FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP INC.. pg 2000 THE
PNC FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP— See PNC Financial Services Group Inc..
pg. 2000 PNC FINANCIAL SERVICES. INC.— See PNC Financial Services
Group Inc.. pg. 2001 PNC INTERNATIONAL FINANCE. N V— See PNC Financial
Services ...

Directory Of Corporate Affiliations

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Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 67-22770 U.S. Public Companies
Volume 4, ISBN: 0-87217-191-4 Corporate Affiliations 8-Volume Library, ISBN: 0-
87217-190-6 ©2002 LexisNexis Group. All Rights Reserved LexisNexis, the
knowledge burst logo, and Corporate Affiliations are trademarks of Reed Elsevier
Properties Inc, used under license. The LexisNexis Group has used its best
efforts in collecting and preparing material for inclusion in Corporate Affiliations:
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The Basic Business Library

Author: Rashelle S. Karp
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The Directory would be more useful to job seekers with foreign language skills if
it had a geographic index with lists of foreign firms in specific cities. Nevertheless,
all but the smallest academic and public libraries should purchase the main set.
Larger libraries should consider both sets. 1.47. The Directory of Corporate
Affiliations: Who Owns Whom [2002]. New Providence, NJ: LexisNexis Group,
1969-. 6 vols. $1,399.00 CD-ROM, $1,995.00, with quarterly updates. Web
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Privacy Information And Technology

Author: Daniel J. Solove
Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online
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In 2001, it purchased the Osborn Group, Inc., andin2002, itpurchased Vital
ChekNetwork, Inc. andVital ChekNetwork of Canada, Inc., the largest suppliers of
vital records (birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates) in the United States
and Canada. . . .8 ''ChoicePoint has a total of about 17 billion online public
records,'' O'Harrow observes, ''a figure that grows by more than 40,000 every day.
. . . All told, the company has more than 250 terabytes of data regarding the lives
of about ...

An Introduction To Online Competitive Intelligence Research

Author: Conor Vibert
Publisher: South-Western Pub
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Step-by-step methodology takes you through the CI research process, including planning and direction, data collection, analysis and dissemination.Like all the titles in the Business Research Series, this book is conveniently divided into ...