Night Fires

Author: George E. Stanley
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416995188
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“I need some water, Woodrow,” he said hoarsely. “It's in my room.” At first I
thought Joshua must have been hallucinating, but then I noticed a door at the
back of the barn, leading to a little room. It was really just a storage shed, but in
the corner was a pallet, and next to the pallet was a straw picnic basket, which I
realized was the one I'd seen Jimmy carrying out of Senator Crawford's house. I
found a jug of water and took it to Joshua, all the time repeating, “I'm sorry,
Joshua. I'm so sorry.

La Giara The Water Jug

Author: Patricia King Haddad
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1543903231
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As he glanced down at the newspaper dated January 22, 1917, President
Woodrow Wilson's smile glared back at him. Nunzio detested the optimistic photo
. The early darkening of the winter sky weighed on him. “Am I kidding myself? Am
I going to be like this for the rest of my life? Really, how long can I endure on my
own? What I would do for a little warmth, some sun, and a hot breeze.” He felt
suspended between the elusive promise of America and the disturbing thought
that he ...

The Papers Of Woodrow Wilson

Author: Woodrow Wilson
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We are doing very well here thanks to the little wood fire— and the hot water
bottle at night! After one utterly wretched night I bethought me of it, and have
been happy ever since. I am so glad, dear, that you have decided to enlarge the
limits of your space to suit your matter. That is eminently the wise thing to do. And
your articles could really be a good deal longer without seeming excessive. Think
how long Mr. Sloane's are.2 We are all well— quite well. With a heart full, very full
of love, ...

First Contact

Author: Patrick Woodrow
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448136202
Size: 52.48 MB
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Patrick Woodrow. Her tongue had swollen in the night and now felt like a crust of
bark. She tried propping herself up on her elbow only to collapse back. As she
did so, her hand rocked the water bottle. The canteen teetered but remained
upright, heavy enough to withstand the knock. Last night it had been lighter.
Water! The thought alone was enough to galvanise her. This time Melanie
managed to sit up. W'ithin seconds the canteen's lid was unscrewed, the tin cold
against her ...

Hood Bonnet And Little Brown Jug

Author: Norman D. Brown
Publisher: TAMU Press
Size: 64.33 MB
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vored soil conservation; a proper system of marketing farm products; reduction in
the tax rate by equalizing the burden of government; law enforcement; a
reduction in the number of state employees; "purity of the ballot box";
reforestation of cutover land; construction of storage reservoirs to conserve water
for irrigation; construction of water power plants for mills and factories along
Texas streams ("Factories," the candidate said, "should be encouraged to
operate in small towns where ...

When The Cheering Stopped

Author: Gene Smith
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1504039742
Size: 65.73 MB
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The Last Years of Woodrow Wilson Gene Smith. sleeping. On the evening of
October 1 there was a movie in the East Room and afterward ... A little after he
went to his own room the First Lady noticed he had left the watch on the table and
took it in to him. “That worries me, to have left that watch there,” he said. “It is not
like me. ... She found him sitting on the side of his bed trying to reach for a water
bottle. As she gave it to him she noticed his left hand hung loosely. “I have no
feeling in ...

Sons Of Justice 12 Confident In Love

Author: Dixie Lynn Dwyer
Publisher: Siren-BookStrand
ISBN: 1640108300
Size: 21.42 MB
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She started to feel a little sick to her stomach, and when she walked out of the
bathroom, the kitchen right there, she noticed the bananas on the counter and
other fruit. She wondered if Frankie ... She took the banana, ate it, feeling a little
bit better, then took a drink of water from her water bottle. She looked around the
... Their eyes went to Frankie, then Cole and Spade, and of course to Nathan,
Woodrow, and Bronco, who only glanced up but then turned away. Frankie
greeted them, all ...

Voison S Boomerang

Author: R. RexDeNemo
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 153200169X
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“I wonder if it could be that simple,” Woodrow said, “Take it back to Event minus
ten minutes. And there it was. As the night watch saw their relieving watch come
in they each passed by this end set of consoles. A little horseplay between the on
-coming watch and the off-going watch at the same time jostled the operator's
water bottle and it fell over on the console which almost emptied itself out as he
was distracted by them for the moment. He was seen to return to his desk
horrified, and ...

Letters From France

Author: Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean
Publisher: London : Cassell & Company Limited
Size: 21.80 MB
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Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean. little grey procession coming towards us from the
ground out beyond the trench in front of the German lines. It came very slowly —
the steady, even pace of a funeral. The leader was a man — a weatherbeaten,
square-jawed, rugged old bushman — who marched solemnly, holding a stick in
front of him, from which hung a flag. Behind him came two men carrying, very
tenderly and slowly, a stretcher. By them walked a fourth man with a water-bottle.

Learning Motivation And Their Physiological Mechanisms

Author: Neal E. Miller
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351509225
Size: 47.75 MB
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In another apparatus we have trained rats to run, when thirsty, to the nozzle of a
water bottle and drink and to go, when hungry, to a different place and push back
a small hinged door to secure pellets of food hidden in a little trough behind it.
When thoroughly satiated, these rats were relatively inactive until ... Studies of
Thirst Oral versus gastric factors in thirst have been investigated by Miller,
Sampliner, and Woodrow (15). The results are similar to those found with hunger:
water ...