Live It Again 1942

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Transporting readers back in time, each Live It Again title showcases rare and exclusive photos, artwork, and cartoons from the every issue of the year's Saturday Evening Post A sentimental journey back in time with rare and exclusive ...

The Past Is A Foreign Country Revisited

Author: David Lowenthal
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We knew it was a nonsensical confection of invented past. We knew its tale of
happy, cap-doffing plebs, slimy middle classes and angelic toffs ... was a Henry
VIII duvet cover of a programme ... Americans, however not only believe that
England was just like that in 1916, they think it's like that now.11 Once the solace
or menace of the few, nostalgia now. 6 Ben Macintyre, '007's latest mission:
restoring Britain's pride', Times, 2 Nov. 2012: 35. 7 Richard Stenhouse, ed., Live It
Again: 1942 ...

Bartlett S Familiar Quotations

Author: John Bartlett
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It's Autumn in New York, It's good to live it again. Autumn in New York [1935] Lou
Gehrig 1903–1941 For the past two weeks, you've been reading ... I Irène
Némirovsky 1903–1942 Important events—whether serious, happy or
unfortunate—do not change a man's soul, they merely bring it into relief, just as a
strong gust of wind reveals the true shape of a tree when it blows off all its leaves.
Such events highlight what is hidden in the shadows; they nudge the spirit
towards a place where ...

The American Home Front 1941 1942

Author: Alistair Cooke
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And I thought again of last night's fifteenyearolds, whose forebears must surely
have been offered the first rosemary by English soldiers who introduced it from
their native land as the rarest exotic. In the intervening 179 years, it has had time
to become as common as dandelion, and for 100 miles, from here to Pensacola,
it carpets the dunes and flats. All the way at our side was an incomparable beach,
smooth as sugar, of the finest gypsum sand, sheering off into an aquamarine sea.

Man And Woman War And Peace 1942 1951

Author: Robert William Doty
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How will the Dotys ever live it down? I've been so tense emotionally the past few
days, I think the gin cokes will do me good. Friday, March 12, 1943 9:30PM
Darling - So today I am a blood donor! I feel very very patriotic and have made an
appointment 10 weeks hence for another donation. Your Tuesday letter my
sweetheart is really the next best thing to having you here beside me. How
beautifully and eloquently you describe our love for each other. What a thrill to
read again those ...

Louise Talma

Author: Kendra Preston Leonard
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Well, the offers still and always will stand, and the day may come when you will
be glad of them.63 In September 1942, she wrote a letter to Boulanger more
coherently outlining her thoughts and reactions to ... It was as though you two had
said to me: 'We have buried your Mother for you; now get out—we don't want to
have anything more to do with you.' I dream of that horrible moment every might
live it all though over again—and wake up in a cold sweat. I have not had one
night of ...

The Fun Of It

Author: E.B. White
Publisher: Modern Library
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“I belong to no organizations of any kind. Being Miss Subways—being one of two
hundred—is really my only thing that I belong to in my life. It's a very nice feeling
to belong to something. It's nice to be happy for a while.” All the Miss Subways we
talked to seemed to be extremely happy. We spent some time ... Dorothea Mate (
June, 1942) walked past the booth, glanced down at the pictures, and said, “
That's me! That's me! ... “Even after forty-nine years, you can live it again. You
think ...

America The Great

Author: Edward Hawkins Sisson
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Perhaps the Irish people might yet redeem their failure of character in 1942-1945,
by seeing how close their situation was to the situation today of the people of
Taiwan, and even of the Falklands, and of applying the principle that won them
their ... do it again if needed. Will Indians also so prove? It wasn't the people of
India that made the government of Great Britain pledge to “the right of all peoples
to choose the form of government under which they will live” – it was America. But
it was ...

Hazel Jane Raines Pioneer Lady Of Flight

Author: Regina Trice Hawkins
Publisher: Mercer University Press
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29, 1942 Once again I will try to finish this letter that I started 3 days ago — Since
then I have delivered my ship, came back by train and am now sitting and waiting
on the weather to clear so I can go again. The weather over here is ... Another
one of the American girls was posted down here with me and we have found a
very nice place to liveit's a large country home, plenty of heat, hot water, good
food and the people are lovely to us — a middle age couple. This is really the
nicest ...

Joseph Benson Foraker An Uncompromising Republican

Author: Everett Walters
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... would have named him and given him money outright to save possible scandal
. An exception for scandal and impertinency, filed by Larz Anderson, executor
and trustee under the will of Nicholas Longworth, was sustained and the
objectionable paragraphs were stricken from the case. Shortly thereafter Storer
and McDougall requested an injunction to. 40 Joseph Graydon to the author, July
16, 1942. 41 Mrs. Matthews to the author, July 18, 1942. "Foraker, I Would Live It
Again, 241.