Live It Again 1945

Author: Barb Sprunger
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"Featuring the best of The Saturday Evening Post"--Cover.

Special Interests The State And The Anglo American Alliance 1939 1945

Author: Inderjeet Parmar
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III In the late 19405 and early 19505, in the early stages of the AngloAmerican
alliance, quite a debate raged about the desirability of the American military
presence, both on the left and the right of British politics This issue became a live
one again in the 19805. The level of interest in the character of the Anglo-
American relationship varied in the 19805, but many political storms centred on
this question: for example, the decision to allow the stationing of American cruise
missiles in ...

Working Class Life In Northern England 1945 2010

Author: Tony Blackshaw
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Inthese squeezedtimeframes 'community'takes ona sense of intensity
unparalleled anywhere else. Then thebellrings for last orders and 'community'
simply dissolves and slips from their grasp;from being just there, right then, it
seems to liquefyand elude thosewho have made it live again. Allthe depth
offeeling that hadbeenthere just a few minutes earlierdrains away. But
whentheyresolve themselves to look forit again, 'community' is once
againreprised inall its warm,sublime detail.

To Live Again

Author: Bill D. West
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Grandma Robinson was, Mrs. Ora Lee (Tod, Sr.'s wife)." "When you were a little
girl, Jeanne, who was living in the plantation house?,"I asked. "Libby, and her
mother and daddy was. Later, Libby's mother went to Houston to work at Foley's
Department Store. Libby married R C Hansen, and when he retired, they moved
back into the plantation house with Ms Jesse, Libby's mom. That was in the
1950s. Her dad, Aubrey Hugh, had passed in 1945." I then asked Tom and
Jeanne if either ...

Reminiscences Of Los Alamos 1943 1945

Author: Lawrence Badash
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I don't think I shallever again live in a community where so many brains were, nor
shall I ever live in a community so confined that visitors expected us to fight with
each other. We didn't have telephones, we didn't have the bright lights, but I don't
think I shall ever live in a community that had such deep roots of cooperation and
friendship. Even before the end of our first year at Los Alamos, the emotional
strain was apparent, the feeling that you've got to make that bomb, you've got to
get ...

West German Industry And The Challenge Of The Nazi Past 1945 1955

Author: S. Jonathan Wiesen
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
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... der Arbeitgeberverbände) and directed specifically at West Germany's ''opinion
makers,'' such as doctors, jurists, teachers, and factory councils.12 The book's
themes and chapter titles typify the folksy and accessible tone believed
necessary to excite the public about dry economic issues: ''The Pay Package and
the Capitalists''; ''Should We Take Money away from the Rich?''; ''How Were
Things Two Years Ago?''; ''Why Do the Americans Live Better?''; ''Never Again

We Shall Live Again

Author: Russell Thornton
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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Strong (1945) related archaeological evidence of a "ghost cult" on the Columbia
River to depopulation of the area, and Ford and Wiley (1941:358) made the same
linkage for southern American Indian populations. The most comprehensive
statement of such a relationship is Walker's (1969) examination of the Prophet
Dance controversy. Addressing Spier's (1927, 1935) hypothesis that the Prophet
Dance was the source of various cults, including the Ghost Dances, and that it
was itself ...

Jane Austen And Her Readers 1786 1945

Author: Katie Halsey
Publisher: Anthem Press
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The association of these ballads with the happiest days of my happy childhood'.
19 In the dedicatory letter to the Literary Life, she writes to Henry F. Chorley, 'as I
wrote [i.e. transcribed] line after line of our fine old Poets, many a cherished
scene and many a happy hour seemed to live again in my memory and my heart'.
20 She dedicates 8 chapters (of 29) to the category of 'Authors Associated with
Places'. Importantly, the association with place is with the place where the book
was read ...

Voices Of The Diaspora

Author: Thomas Nolden
Publisher: Northwestern University Press
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Her documentary films include Wien Retour (Vienna Retour, 1983), Die
papierene Brücke (The Bridge Made of Paper, 1987), Nach Jerusalem (Toward
Jerusalem, 1991), Jen- seits des Krieges (East of War, 1996), and Homemad(e) (
2001). Reflecting on the situation of Jews in Austria in the immediate postwar era,
Beckermann states: “In Austria, Jews were permitted to live again after 1945 if
they behaved and kept their mouths shut. To be sure, as the first chancellor Figl
emphasized, ...

The Nuremberg Trials International Criminal Law Since 1945

Author: Lawrence Raful
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
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Introduction - Lessons of Nuremberg Returning to Courtroom 600 on the 60th
Anniversary of the Nuremberg Trial against the Major German War Criminals
Herbert R. Reginbogin & Christoph J.M. Safferling I. On November 20, 1945, the
English President of the International Military Tribunal, ... nations to live as
neighbors with Germany again due to the amount of cruelty exhibited through the
awesome brutality and meticulousness with which Germans killed millions of
harmless people.