Cricket In The Web

Author: Paula Moore
Publisher: UNM Press
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ruin her new suit, Cricket replied, “I'll never live to wear it again anyway.”] (EPHP,
May 10, 1949) . . . she went to the rear of the bar and . . . I believe she phoned
someone. [She] returned . . . laid her head on the bar, and cried. She said she
was in love with someone but knew that someone didn't care anything about her.
She asked me what I would do. I told her to forget about it. (EPHP, May 12, 1949)
Shorty Fischer confirmed Cricket's romantic anguish. She said Cricket asked her
to ...

The Collected Short Works 1920 1954

Author: Bess Streeter Aldrich
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9780803210523
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She examined it first in 1923 with "The Cashier and the Little Old Lady" (
McClintock's Magazine, January- February) and again in January of 1931 in the
Delineator with "It's Never Too Late to Live." She returned to it again in 1949,
distilling the idea still further and sending it to Colliers, who published "The Heirs"
as one of their short, short stories in the 10 September issue. As noted in
discussing "It's Never Too Late to Live," Aldrich must have known of such
individuals and found it ...

To Live Again

Author: Noreen Riols
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 144724284X
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That summer of 1949 was one of the happiest Katharine could remember. Asthe
babies thrived so did ... When summer ended and Castérat was finally closed for
the winter, Katharine discovered thatshe was pregnant again. Remembering
thatagonising day in Aprilwhen he had waited helplessoutside their bedroom
door, listening to his wife's screams, Maxime didn't immediately share herjoy. He
was afraid. 'Idon't thinkI could gothrough it again,' he groaned. 'This time you
might not ...

Learning The Left

Author: Paul J. Ramsey
Publisher: IAP
ISBN: 1681230550
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And Want to See it Again and Again ... The Story of a Boy ... “While not
spectacular, this is solid box office,” the paper reported and predicted a stronger
run in neighborhood and small town theaters (Sykes 1949, 22). Despite some
good ... “This doesn't live up to expectations. Nothing to it. Poor attendance and
many disappointments” (“What the Picture” 1949b, 41). An Illinois showman
conceded the acting and Technicolor impressed, but griped, “It did very poor
business. Some patrons ...


Author: Kieran Setiya
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400888476
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psychologist Janet Landman cites a Gallup poll conducted in 1949, which asked
a national sample of adults to identify “the biggest mistake of your life so far.”4
Sixtynine percent were willing to admit to one. The winner, by some ... In 1953,
Gallup conducted another poll: “Generally speaking, if you could live your life
over again, would you live it in much the same way as you have, or would you
live it differently?”5 Less than 40 percent of people said they would live life
differently if they ...

Bartlett S Familiar Quotations

Author: John Bartlett
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 031625018X
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1903–1983 The first taste of art is spontaneously sensual, it is the discovery of an
absorbing entertainment, an absorbing pleasure. ... it long before he knew what it
meant or how it worked. Looking at the Dance [1949]. Against Meaning in Ballet
There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good.
Dancers, Buildings and People in the Streets [1965]. ... Dreamers with empty
hands May sigh for exotic lands; It's Autumn in New York, It's good to live it again.

Circulation Of Thought 1949

Author: Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy
Publisher: Argo Books
ISBN: 0912148209
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That we went home and said, "Didn't come off nicely; won't do it again," you see.
So the Second World War comes, and that was very serious. Much more serious
than the First. People in this country live by experiment, gentlemen. That is, ex- --
the method of the natural science has today become commonplace. Whenever
anything has become commonplace, gentlemen, it has lost all value for the
renovation of human life. It is like -- a pendulum has run down in a clock, you
have to ...

Hegemony And Fantasy In Irish Drama 1899 1949

Author: P. Murphy
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230583857
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one surrendered to it as to the mood of an old folk-tale.'93 Murray contends that: [i
]t was left to Lennox Robinson to sound a new note in the Irish theatre. In their
way of thought, their speech, their accent, the people that he created were the
people I knew. From the field, the farmhouse, the shop, the wayside tavern, they
seemed to have wandered on to his stage. Thus began the realistic movement
which produced such a long succession of plays and which reached its climax in
the ...

Film Composers In America

Author: Clifford McCarty
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780195114737
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... We Forget (1918) Beynon Let Freedom Ring (1939) Lenge Let It Be Me (1936)
Spencer, N. Let Katie Do It (1916) Furst Let No Mon Write My Epitaph (1960)
Duning Let Us Live (1939) Rathaus Let's Ask Nostradamus (1953) Kopp, R. Let's
Be Happy (1957) Sendrey Let's Be Ritzy (1934) Ward, E. Let's Donce (1950)
Dolen Let's Do It Again (1953) Duning Let's Eat (1932) Dietrich Let's Face It (
1943) Dolen Let's Get Tough (1942) Lenge, ). Let's Go (1937) De Nat Let's Go
Boating (1949) ...