Writers Directory 2010 V1 A L

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School Stories. 1989; Man in Motion. 1989: Strat and Chatto. 1989; A Can of
Worms. 1990: Finders. Losers. 1990;The Hillingdon Fox, 1991: In Black and
White and Other Stories, 1992; The Snow Maze, 1992; Great Frog and Mighty
Moose. 1992 ... Engleski roman XX veka. Vol. I. 1963. Vol. II, 1965 (Twentieth-
Century English Novel, Vols. I and II); Raskol izmedju reci i igre: Sukob dve
estetike. 1977 (Rift between Word and Play) Two Aesthetics at War; Prilog
epistemologiji knjizevnosti.

Victoria Albert

Author: Jonathan Marsden
Publisher: Royal Collection Publications
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R. Foulkes, Cambridge, Pp. 39-55 FRAGO I99O A .V. Frago. 'The History of ...
European and American Je wellery 1530-1914, London GERE AND RUDOE
2010 C. Gere and J. Rudoe, jewellery in the time of Victoria. A Mirror to ... London
giRson 1861 Engravings from original compositions executed in marble at Rome
by John Gibson RA.... drawn by P. Guglielmi and engraved under the direction of
Lewis Gruner, London gi roUard 1981 M. Girouard, The Return to Camelot.
Chivalry ...

The Publishers Trade List Annual

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Vol. 1: paper 1969 J9.95T -51005-7 Vol. 2: paper 1969 S995T -51004-9 Vol. 3:
paper 1969 $995T -51033-0 3 vol. set: paper J27.50T 510146 Mathematics and
CAO: Numerical Methods for CAD Yvon Cardan. 1986 $25 COS -07097-9
Mathematics ... 1986S55.00S -07094-4 Maxwell On Saturn's Rings, lames Clerk
Maxwell, Stephen G Brush, C W F. Everitt, and Elizabeth Garber. editors. ...
Sentences Children Use. paper 1972 $695$ -63043-5 MEPHAM, lohn, see
lakobson, Roman.

Subject Guide To Books In Print

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People & Politics in the Middle o 335p, 1971. 28.95, to J. ; pap. 14.95 (0.87s55.
Irinaction Puts ( 500-5) *** wadi Hardamawt & the Walled Ci - t o: ls). 135p. (Ont)
1987 pap test y town U1571, UNESCO) MIDDLE *AST-HISTORIOGRAPHY too
.... Rome. Vol 3). 173p 1985, pap, 1995 (0.321-23138.3) Cambridge U Pr. Dentan
, Robert C., ed. Idea of History in the Ancient Near East 1955 pap. 29.50x (0-685-
30619-4) Elliots Bks. —The Idea of History in the Ancient Near East (American ...