A Land Flowing With Milk And Honey

Author: E. Moltmann-Wendel
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... the United States of America Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication
Data Moltmann-Wendel, Elisabeth. A land flowing with milk and honey.
Translation of: Das Land, wo Milch und Honig fliesst. Bibliography: p. 1. Woman (
Christian theology) 2. Feminism— Religious aspects— Christianity. I. Title BT704.
M65313 1986 261.8'344 86-8996 ISBN 0-8245-0791-6 ISBN 0-8245-0863-7 (
pbk) For Marjorie Casebier McCoy Susanne Kahl-Passoth Evi Krobath
Rosemarie Stappenbeck.


Author: George Melville Bolling
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Thus, for reasons independent of structure, the phrase Milch und Honig, which in
4b lacks BB status according to 3, does in fact count in the Biblical phrase das
Land, wo Milch und Honig flieBt 'the land flowing with milk and honey', in which
Milch and Honig have generic meanings and are furthermore irreversible. The
definition in 3 should therefore be taken with a grain of salt, and its provisional
character kept in mind. Insufficient though it may be, 3 provides in most cases a
fairly ...


Author: Ruth Sanders
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... mehret euch... be fruitful and multiply Genesis 1:28 in terram quae fluit lacte et
melle ein Land, wo Milch und Honig fließt a land flowing with milk and honey
Exodus 3:8 oculum pro oculo dentem pro dente Auge um Auge, Zahn um Zahn
an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth Exodus 21:24 non in solo pane vivat homo
der Mensch lebt nicht vom man doth not live by bread only Deuteronomy 8:03
Brot allein his own translation into English. The Tyndale translation was in 148


Author: C. Houtman
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16:3), milk and honey were favourite foods for children, also contains an allusion
to the covenant relationship: 'Das Volk Gottes soll unter dem fursorglichen Walten
seines Bundesgottes so ruhig und sorglos in der neuen Heimat weilen, wie
unmiindige Kinder, die, ohne Harm und Kummer in den Armen einer zartlich
liebenden Mutter ruhend, Milch und Honig schliirfen.'61 The above is an
indication that the expression has been the subject of much discussion. I wish to
say something ...

Traditions Of The Magi

Author: Albert F. de Jong
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Strabo speaks of a libation of oil, mixed with milk and honey; two of these
elements, the oil and the honey are never used in Zoroastrian rituals. Clemen
suggested an interpretation based on the fact that Soma in the Indian texts is
called madhu-, “honey” and that Haoma is called “yellow” (zāri-, Y. 10.21) in the
Avesta. He suggested that the honey could be interpreted as ... Cf. Burkert, GR,
70-73; Graf, “Milch, Honig und Wein.' * Modi, CC, 295-296; Kotwal & Boyd,
Persian Offering, index ...


Author: A. B. Cook
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... practices can be paralleled from Greek as well as from Persian usage. The big
blaze reminds us of the bonfire on the top of Mt Kithairon kindled once in sixty
years at the Great Daidala, when the oak-brides of Zeus were burnt (Paus. 9. 3. 1
ff. cited supra p. 898 n. 6). And the offering of milk, honey, wine, and oil is
suggestive of the usual Hellenic gifts to the dead (see e.g. P. Stengel Die
griechischen Kidhisaltertiimei3 Munchen 1920 p. 149 ' Man spendet Wein,
Wasser, Milch, Honig ...

Illinois Classical Studies

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71 MeXiKpaxa — a mixture of honey and milk or honey and water — was the
most common wineless libation (Graf, "Milch, Honig und Wein" [above, note 44]
212). Cf. Harrison (above, note 41) 92 f.; Stengel (above, note 44)
Kultusalterliimer 100, 104 and Opferbrauche 180-86; Ziehen (above, note 44)
2483 f.; Graf, Nordionische Kulte (above, note 44) 27 n. 60; Jameson, Jordan,
and Kotansky (above, note 44) 14 f. and 72 (new sacrificial lex sacra from
Selinous, ca. 450 B.C.E., col.

A Dictionary Of The English And German And The German And The English Language

Author: Joseph Leonhard Hilpert
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Milch) Honig --, to lick milk, honey; eine Wunde --, to lick a wound; an den
Fingern --, to lick one's fingers; -[-sie -- [zkiilsen] flets an einander herum , they
are always kissing ; sie ist immer wie geleckt [low], she is always as neat as
hands can make her. Fig. Die Finger) alle zehn Finger nach Etwas -- [low] , to lick
one's fingers after any thing. l L e (Fzh a u s) 71. the house or stables where * salt
is given to sheep to lick. -wein, m. wine made of the juice which oozes from
unpressed grapes.

Fides Sacramenti Sacramentum Fidei

Author: Hansjörg auf der Maur
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reference to the O.T. and specifically to Exodus14: here the promise resounds
that God's people will be lead to a good land, a land flowing with milk and honey.
... 'Entering the land of milk and honey' is for Barnabas ... H. Usener, in an article
important for its rich reference to sources writes: "Seine (Barnabas) ausführliche
Erörterung 'des Landes wo Milch und Honig fliesst' würde einen anderen Gang
genommen haben wenn er von der Verwendung zur Taufe eine Ahnung gehabt