Monsieur De Thou S History Of His Own Time

Author: Jacques-Auguste de Thou
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As M. de Thou had attended the Edition.of Robert Stephens himself, and made in
all Likelihood several Alterations in the Sheets as they went to the Press, our
Editor had just Reason to follow that Edition as far as it went, that is to the end of
the ...

A Complete Collection Of State Trials And Proceedings For High Treason And Other Crimes And Misdemeanors From The Earliest Period To The Year 1820 Etc

Author: Thomas Bayly Howell
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heard the report of the bishop of Ely, who by kynge wythin hys graces palayce at
Westmin41. Proceedings in Parliament against ... before the (c) Wilson in his
translation of M. De Thou's History of his Own Time, vol. 1. p. 272, says, “The
duke of ...

Memoirs Of Maximilian De Bethune Duke Of Sully Prime Minister To Henry The Great

Author: Maximilien de Béthune Sully (duc de)
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Containing the history of the life and reign of that monarch, and his own
administration under him Maximilien de Béthune Sully (duc de) ... About this time
broke out the samous quarrel between pope Paul V. and the Venetians ; the
foundation of it had been laid long before, on occasion of some ... M. De Thou is
also mistaken, when he says, ibid, that the duke of Bouillon did not arrive till three
days after.

The British Intelligencer Containing A Catalogue Of English Scotish Irish Welsh Historians An Account Of Authors Quoted By Rapin Tindal Carte Bisset And Adolphus In Their Histories Of England C

Author: Machell Stace
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A Libel against the King, framed by Sir Robert Dudley, Son of the Earl of
Leicester, in 1613. The Earls of Bedford, Somerset, and Clare, Sir Robert Cotton,
Mr. Selden, and Mr. St. John, were committed for dispersing it, but Sir David
Fowles upon oath discovered the ... Monsieur de Thou. ... Burnet's History of his
own Time.

The British Historical Intelligencer

Author: Machell Stace
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Containing a Catalogue of English, Scottish, Irish & Welsh Historians; an Account
of Authors Quoted by Rapin, Tindal, Carte, Bisset, and ... The Earls of Bedford,
Somerset, and Clare, Sir Robert Cotton, Mr. Selden, and Mr. St. John, were
committed for dispersing it, but ... Monsieur de Thou. ... Burnet's History of his own

The Cyclop Dia

Author: Abraham Rees
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Although De Thou was occupied in a variety of public transačtions, he reserved
time for the cultivation of literature, and ... But his “Opus majus,” as we may call it,
which has established his permanent fame, was “The History of his own Times,”
the first part of which appeared in 1604. ... Mr. Hayley, in his “ Essay on History,”
has with equal justice and eloquence charaćterized this illustrious writer in the ...

International Archives Of The History Of Ideas

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odds - de Thou's report is a tour de force, the equivalent in prose to his satiric
poem on the French cabinet's deliberations concerning the Spanish ... 1 English
translation in Bernard Wilson, M. de Thou's History of His Own Time (1729). 5 De

A History Of France And Of The French People

Author: George Moir Bussey
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The cardinal refused to comply with his desire ; and from that time he became the
mortal enemy of Richelieu. Monsieur Le Grand, as he was called, in reference to
the post he filled of grand master of the horse, vowed eternal hate against his
early patron. Through De Thou, his intimate friend, he soon found himself in
communication with the Dukes of Bouillon and ... De Thou proceeded with all
expedition to Perpignan to join Fontrailles, who entreated Cinq Mars to provide
for his own ...

The Ancient History Of The Egyptians Carthaginians Assyrians Babylonians Medes And Persians Grecians And Macedonians

Author: James Bell
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We must not confound him with another Praxiteles, who made himself famous in
the time of Pompey by excellent* works in the goldsmith's art. ... One day when he
was with her, she made liis own servant, whom she had gained to her purpose,
come running to tell him j " Your workhouse is on fire, and part of your ... Mr. De
Thou when young, went into Italy with Mr. De Foix, whom the court sent thither.