Mrs Hoover S Pueblo Walls

Author: Paul Venable Turner
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804739412
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This book shows that although professional architects were involved in the project, the architect was actually Lou Henry Hoover herself, who conceived the design of the house and worked out its details, using her architects largely for ...

A Companion To First Ladies

Author: Katherine A.S. Sibley
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Paul Venable Turner's (2004) Mrs. Hoover's Pueblo Walls: The Primitive and the
Modern in the Lou Henry Hoover House begins with a biographical sketch of Lou
and Herbert Hoover and then proceeds to consideration of the home's creation
on the Stanford campus, its architecture, the Hoovers' understanding of
indigenous architecture, and an evaluation of the mixture of the primitive with the
modern. Turner contended that “Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover were exemplars
of a ...

First Ladies

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1874 March 29: Lou Henry is born in Waterloo, Iowa 1884 Lou Henry and her
family move to California 1891 Lou Henry enters State Normal School in Los
Angeles 1892 Lou Henry transfers to San Jose Normal School 1894 Lou Henry
graduates from San Jose Normal School and enrolls at Stanford as a geology
major 1895 Lou ... Mrs. Hoover's Pueblo Walls: The Primitive and the Modern in
the Lou Henry States and England and helps organize and operate an American
Women's ...

The Dudley Herbarium

Author: Sara Timby
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Mrs. Stanford's Great Museum: 1894-1998. Thursday, January 28 Stewart Gillmor
. Stanford Sadie and the Early Years of KZSU Radio. Early March Panel
discussion. Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts (formerly Stanford
Museum). Sunday, April i i Founders' Day. April Tour of the new Science and
Engineering Quad. Tuesday, May 4 Annual Meeting, 7:00 p.m. Paul Turner. Mrs.
Hoover's "Pueblo Walls:" What Kind of Architecture is the Lou Henry Hoover
House? Programs are ...

Cabins Cottages Mansions

Author: Nancy D. Meyers Benbow
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..[T]he house. a mass of piled up blocks with terraces, outer staircases and
fireplaces everywhere inviting freedom and comfort. A dignified
unpretentiousness prevails." As for the Hoovers themselves, they intended to
have a house which was liveable and fun, as well as fire-resistant. With these
considerations in mind, the house was designed with low walls, wide terraces
and many windows. Mrs. Hoover also intended that the house be architecturally
reminiscent of Hopi pueblos.

Memoirs About Mr And Mrs Herbert Hoover

Author: Birge Malcolm Clark
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After the house was built, it has frequently been called Algerian or Pueblo Indian
in style. This is purely coincidental. Mr. Hoover further influenced the house by
saying, "Make it structurally fireproof," so it was built with a reinforced concrete
skeleton and concrete floors supported by concrete columns with exterior walls of
hollow tile between the columns, this latter because Mrs. Hoover felt that a
house's walls should never be considered as inviolate. She greatly admired
English brick ...

Themis Of Zeta Tau Alpha

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It is fireproof throughout and the foundation so designed as to permit the tearing
down and building of new inside walls. Its design is not taken from the pueblo but
rather was evolved from Mrs. Hoover's own plan to have all roof space utilized in
terraces, which serve as outdoor living rooms. If any architectural influence
shows, it is that of Algerian domestic design. But this emphasis was not in Mrs.
Hoover's mind when she planned it. She stated three requirements of this new
home ...

To Dragma

Author: Alpha Omicron Pi
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The way in which Mrs. Hoover planned the Stanford house makes a story in itself.
She thinks of a house as an elastic thing, never entirely finished, always growing
with the needs of a family, or as being adaptable to those changing needs. She
chose a type of construction for the Campus house which would render it truly
flexible. It is fireproof throughout and the foundation so designed as to permit the
tearing down and building of new inside walls. Its design is not taken from the
pueblo ...

Contemporary Authors

Author: Thomson Gale
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Mrs. Hoover's Pueblo Walls: The Primitive and the Modern in the Lou Henry
Hoover House, Stanford University Press (Stanford, CA), 2004. Contributor to
books, including Museum Builders in the West: The Stanfords as Collectors and
Patrons of Art, ... SIDELIGHTS: Author Paul V. Turner is an architect, art historian,
and professor of architectural history at Stanford University. His research interests
span topics such as European and American architecture and urban planning
from the ...

American Book Publishing Record

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Architecture— United States— 21st century. I. Title. TURNER, Paul Venable.
728.8'09794'73 Mrs. Hoover's pueblo walls: the primitive and the modem in the
Lou Henry Hoover House / Paul V. Turner. Stanford, Calif: Stanford University
Press, 2004. xviii, 1 16 p.: ill.; 27 cm. Contents:Lou Henry and Herbert Hoover —
Creation of the house — What kind of architecture is it? — The Hoovers and
indigenous architecture — The primitive and the modem — Stanford presidents
who have lived ...