Mutual Discovery At The End Of The Tunnel

Author: Antoine Archange Raphael
ISBN: 1304521494
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“Then, if you still feel the same way about me, from that point on, we will deal like
two people actuated by genuine, strong feelings, mutual discovery and love. “I
don't want to give you my heart and I find out later on that you change your mind,
like Jasmine, once my beautiful Jasmine. That would hurt me so much! “I want to
stay away from unnecessary pains. You know that, Marie, don't you? Try to
understand me. You could really behave like another Jasmine. “In addition, Marie
, as I ...

Marital Separation And Lethal Domestic Violence

Author: Desmond Ellis
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317522125
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®mutual. feelings of hostility. ̄ We find it more useful to ground contemporary
conflict resolution theory in a definition that defines conflict as a relationship
characterized by mutual feelings of hostility (bad blood) and conflict resolution as
attempts to resolve or settle ...


Author: Joseph Hillis Miller
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691012230
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"Mutual" means "shared," "held in common," as in "mutual affection" used to
name the love two people have for one another. "Mutual" can be used to name a
friend we share only by a kind of illicit but significant extension of its literal
meaning. A certain person is my friend. He or she is also your friend. Though we
may not know one another at all and therefore have no mutual feelings of
friendship or antipathy, we share a feeling of friendship for the same person. Our
friendship for the ...

The Concepts Of Life

Author: Anna Roberts
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 160976773X
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Mutual. Feelings. F. or fear that someone—that certain someone—may not feel
the same way as you do, you don't show him or her your true feelings. Why do we
feel like this? We all go through it. We all have irritation about the unknown
feelings of that certain person. How do we go through life not knowing what other
people are thinking? Unfortunately, a lot of us go through life never letting that
person know how we feel. Could it be pride? Maybe it's because we don't want
that ...

Strangers In The House

Author: William R. Beer
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 1412835194
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The birth of a mutual child is associated with better marital relations between
remarried parents, but it is not clear which causes the other. Better relations
between stepsiblings often accompany the birth of a half-sibling, but such
amelioration may be due more to shared jealousy and a common focus of
affection than to warmer mutual feelings. The age interval between older
stepsiblings and the mutual child could be important in that younger children
could feel rivalry, whereas older ...

The Path Of Love

Author: Ronald D. Cowen
Publisher: FriesenPress
ISBN: 1460249208
Size: 72.21 MB
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In the case of the Group B infants and mothers; this kind of mutual understanding
is actively sought by the mothers. The result is a flow of happy exchanges
between the two. It is no coincidence that such exchanges are blissful for both
infant and mother. Mutual understanding (mutual feelings, mutual perceptions,
mutual cooperation, etc.,) is pivotal to the well-being of both. The happiness of
both turns on the establishment and maintenance of the rapport that flows from
mutual ...

Conglomeration Of Feelings

Author: Jeff Fleischman
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 0759664501
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In your absence it has spoken to me of your mutual feelings. When I gaze upon it,
I see you, and each memory we've shared throughout our lives. You have given
me everything for it, that mere words could not begin to express the depth of my
gratitude. I welcome its warmth and comfort it has shed within my soul. It, of which
I speak, is the unending love I have for you, my grandfather. I shall cherish
always this fond emotion you have created upon my heart, and with every beat
you will ...

A Girl S Quest For Self Realization

Author: R. Jonnavittula
Publisher: XinXii
ISBN: 3960284241
Size: 25.34 MB
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It might manifest as kindness towards a person or affection towards another. It
might manifest in praising his intelligence etc. When an appropriate situation
develops while they continue to remain mutually engaged, the feelings might get
transformed into desire. That day, on the drama stage, two different personalities
Vasanthi and Saradhy, two decent individuals, could not comprehend that they
had taken a turn towards mutual physical attraction, which their hearts seemed to

The Handbook Of Sexuality In Close Relationships

Author: John H. Harvey
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 1135624704
Size: 27.83 MB
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For some couples with sexual dysfunctions, the avoidance of physical intimacy
may be due to performance fears or a buildup of negative feelings toward the
partner (Heiman, 2001; McCabe, 1997; McCarthy, 1984; Renshaw, 2001).
Revisiting unpleas— ant cognitive—emotional consequences of ... With
disclosure, there is often an effort to manage feelings of betrayal and anger as
well as to try to rebuild mutual feelings of love and trust. This recovery process
may impair the desire ...

Willing The Good

Author: Gabriele De Anna
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443845892
Size: 77.59 MB
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Moreover, a unified concept of that kind faces the task of expressing one-sided
feelings as well as mutual feelings, and mutual attraction of the similar as well as
mutual attraction of opposites, and so on (all of which the Greek terminology can
differentiate quite neatly to a certain degree). As a matter of fact, 'love' turns out to
be an umbrella term that just cannot cover all it should cover, or covers too much,
most probably at the cost of being watered down too much in intension. In view of