Oauth 2 In Action

Author: Justin Richer
Publisher: Manning Publications
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This book teaches you practical use and deployment of OAuth 2 from the perspectives of a client, an authorization server, and a resource server.

Mastering Backbone Js

Author: Abiee Echamea
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
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OAuth2. authentication. The OAuth2 protocol was made to share resources
among services without the use of a user and password. It is possible that you
have used an application where you can authenticate using a social network
account. That's OAuth2 in action. The OAuth2 authentication is an authorization
framework described in RFC 6749, as follows: In the preceding figure, you can
see an abstract diagram. Figure 10.2 OAuth2 abstract flow Figure 10.3
Authorization code grant.

Ibm Enterprise Content Management And Box

Author: Whei-Jen Chen
Publisher: IBM Redbooks
ISBN: 0738455075
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This action overwrites the dcsmart.dll file. ... For example, you might copy files
from the following folder: C:\Datacap\RRS\Box to C:\Datacap\Apt\dco_APT\rules
The Box actions are available in the Application specific actions list (Figure 5-6).
... OAuth2. parameters. Datacap connects to Box using OAuth 2.0, the standard
used by most APIs for authenticating and authorizing users. The configuration for
these parameters can be found by editing the Box application that will be used by

Oauth 2 0 Proteja Suas Aplica Es Com O Spring Security Oauth2

Author: Adolfo Eloy
Publisher: Editora Casa do Código
ISBN: 8594188137
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OAuth 2.0 and the Road to Hell. Jul. 2012. Disponível em: https://hueniverse.com/
2012/07/26/oauth-2-0-andthe-road-to-hell. MICROSOFT CORPORATION.
Modelagem de ameaças de segurança. Jan.2014. Disponível em: https://technet.
microsoft.com/pt-br/library/dd569893.aspx. Acesso em: Maio de 2017. NEWMAN,
Sam. Building Microservices: Designing Fine-Grained Systems. O'Reilly Media,
2015. RICHER, Justin; SANSO, Antonio. OAuth 2 In Action. Manning Publications
, 2017 ...

Modern Authentication With Azure Active Directory For Web Applications

Author: Vittorio Bertocci
Publisher: Microsoft Press
ISBN: 0735698481
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scope Just like in OAuth2.0, the scope parameter indicates which things (
resources and permissions/actions) an app is requesting access to. If my mention
of access control and authorization at this point confuses you, remember what
you read in Chapter 2: OpenID Connect layers signin on top of OAuth2, which
remains fundamentally a means for obtaining authorization. In OAuth2 the scope
applies only to the access token, whereas in OpenID Connect it also affects the
id_token, the ...

Mastering Application Development With Force Com

Author: Kevin J. Poorman
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1782172823
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While SOAP requests encode the action and data in the payload of the HTTP(s)
request, REST uses the standard set of HTTP actions that map by convention to
types of API methods. ... oAuth,. therefore. I. am. Salesforce provides a number of
RESTful APIs, notably the sObject API, but also APIs for bulk data manipulation
and streaming updates. These APIs are uniformly secured by the oAuth 2
identification protocol. oAuth is a conceptually simple identification protocol,
however, due ...

Go Programming Blueprints

Author: Mat Ryer
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
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Fprintf(w, "Auth action %s not supported", action) We do two main things here.
First, we use the gomniauth.Provider function to get the provider object that
matches the object specified in the URL ... For more information about the
available options, search for OAuth2 on the Internet or read the documentation
for each provider, as these values differ from service to service. If our code gets
no error from the GetBeginAuthURL call, we simply redirect the user's browser to
the returned URL.

Go Building Web Applications

Author: Nathan Kozyra
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1787126595
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Fprintf(w, "Auth action %s not supported", action) } } In the preceding code, we
break the path into segments using strings.Split before pulling out the values for
... We will not bullet-proof our code right now but it's worth noticing that if
someone hits loginHandler with too few segments, our code will panic because it
expects segs[2] and segs[3] to exist. For extra credit, see whether ... OAuth2
OAuth2 is an open authentication and authorization standard designed [160 ]
Adding Authentication.

Soapui Cookbook

Author: Rupert Anderson
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1784398713
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Table of Contents Chapter 8: Testing AWS and OAuth 2 Secured Cloud Services
205 Introduction 205 Testing Dropbox using a pregenerated OAuth 2 Access
Token 206 Testing Dropbox using OAuth 2 Authorization Code Grant flow 210
Testing ... 11: Taking SoapUI Further 275 Introduction 275 Building, packaging,
and running SoapUI from the source code 276 Importing, building, running, and
debugging SoapUI in Eclipse 279 Developing a Groovy plugin with custom
Action using ...

Ember Js Cookbook

Author: Erik Hanchett
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1783982217
Size: 64.87 MB
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... all Ember Data requests will use the OAuth2 application authorizer that we
defined earlier. In other words, any request sent to the server using Ember Data
will include the session data token, if it exists. 6. Let's update our login-comp
component template: // app/templates/components/login-comp.hbs <h2>Login
page</h2> <form {{action 'authenticate' on='submit'}}> {{input value=login
placeholder='Login'}}<br> {{input value=password placeholder='Password' type='
password'}}<br> ...