Observations In Natural History

Author: Leonard Jenyns
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With an Introduction on Habits of Observing, as Connected with the Study of that
Science ; Also a Calendar of Periodic Phenomena in Natural History ; with
Remarks on the Importance of Such Registers Leonard Jenyns. BEES, Sept. 13,
1825. — I HAD often remarked that the blossoms of the dahlias in gardens
contained bees apparently dead, but had not reflected much on the circumstance
, till I lately heard the same observation made by another person. I have since
paid more ...

Essays And Observations On Natural History Anatomy Physiology Psychology And Geology

Author: John Hunter
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I imagine it is not so universal as the common bee, for it is not worth cultivating or
transporting from one country to another. They have the same bee in
Newfoundland, both the dark cross striped with brown, ' [See 'Observations on
Bees,' Animal Economy, p. 422.] and the brown ; and therefore it is probably a 60
NATURAL HISTORY Economy of Humble-bees.

British Bees An Introduction To The Study Of The Natural History And Economy Of The Bees Indigenous To The British Isles

Author: William Edward Shuckard
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Acari infest bees, 110. Activity of a hive at work, 348. Acuminate, terminating
gradually in a sharp point. Affinity, doctrine of 136. Agassiz' '
Nomenclatorzoologicus,' 130. Analogies between the stages of bees and flowers,
15. Analogy, doctrine of, 138. Andrena, general observations upon, 204. —
geography of, 67. infested by Stylops and Nomada, 208. — list of native species,
201. natural history of 205. scientific description of 200. Andrenidae, abnormal
bees, 160. diagram of mode of ...

The Edinburgh Review

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143 f — different ranks of the cultivators of natural history, 144 — remarks on the
different degrees of intellectual faculty among animals, 145— analysis of the
present work, 146 — striking analogies between bees and ants, 147— the
different ... reflections on the manner in which he conducted his observations,
165 — great importance of his discoveries, in reference to the theory of
intelligence, 166— account of an immense nest discovered in the forests of
Guyana, 167 — inquiry into ...

The Edinburgh Review Or Critical Journal For October 1807 January 1808 To Be Continued Quarterly

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To publish is rather worse than to write such a thing. Lord Macartney was not
bred under a late government at Calcutta ; nor had England, in his day, bowed
her lofty head to the example of France, in the profligate policy of later times. Art.
IV. Nouvelles Observations stir les Abeillcs, adressees d M. Charles Bonnet, par
Francois Huber. Nerp Observations on the Natural History of Bees. By Francis
Huber. Translated from the original. i2mo. pp. 300. J, Anderson, Edinburgh.
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