Crazy Sexy Love

Author: Kylie Scott
ISBN: 3736302002
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BAD BOYS, LIEBE & ROCK'N'ROLL Als Vaughan nach langer Zeit zurück in seine Heimatstadt kehrt, ist er auf alles vorbereitet - nur nicht auf eine tropfnasse und verzweifelte Braut in seiner Badewanne.

Dirty Sexy Scot

Author: Melissa Blue
Publisher: Confessions of a Romance Author
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“I will accept oaky as a proper descriptor.” “There's a floral note too.” She took a
smaller sip and let the flavor play over her taste buds. “It's not a refined taste, but
it's not bad either. I prefer something a little smoother.” She finished the rest and
smiled at him. “Never let booze go to waste.” He knocked back his and coughed.
“You're right. There's nothing smooth about that one.” He paused, his brows
furrowing. “But the aftertaste doesn't make you want to scrub your stomach lining.

The Farington Diary 1793 1821

Author: Joseph Farington
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In Holland she was looked up to as a Vice Queen would be.—Her Son is brought
up under a Tutor, and she does not permit him to associate with any other Boys.
—A Sister of Mrs. Hope married to Admiral Pole. [Mrs. Hope was the wife of a
banker and merchant of Amsterdam. The Hopes came to England in 1791 when
the French overran the Netherlands.] A Dirty Scot April 2.—Sir John Sinclair, a
dirty Scotsman, who angry at not having a peerage,—or a seat in Parliament
given him ...

Do The Birds Still Sing In Hell He Escaped Over 200 Times From A Notorious German Prison Camp To See The Girl He Loved This Is The Incredible True Story Of Horace Greasley

Author: Horace Greasley
Publisher: John Blake Publishing
ISBN: 1782196412
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Scot. Garwood spoke just once, another pearl of wisdom. 'Rules out the window,
Jim. Get the dirty cunt.' Horace was aware of the blood covering his face and of a
different surge of adrenaline coursing through his veins. It was anger this time as
he raised himself to his feet. The English boys roared him on as the Scots booed
and hissed, called him an idiot. One shouted at McLachlan to 'murder him.' But
McLachlan didn't hear him. He had seen the look on Horace's face and was more

The Knight Chronicles

Author: Rue Allyn
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1507201389
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“The idea that the Clarwyn family would befriend a dirty Scot is absurd. You're a
Scottish spy, and you'll tell me everything about what you're doing on
Ravensmere lands.” Then the beating had commenced. When the knight got
bored with Raeb's refusal to talk, he'd ordered his men to continue two at a time,
proving that even if one of them might believe Raeb, they'd not go against their
captain. Eventually, Raeb had lost consciousness, and his hosts must have
abandoned him, for he ...

The Leisure Hour Monthly Library

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genteel anecdote, which (being less refined) I am afraid may be pronounced
vulgar. Here, however, it is. A recently caught Scotchman, in sauntering along,
was astonished by the scream of “ Dirty Scot; dirty Scot.” Burning with indignation,
he bristled up to revenge the national insult: when ascertaining the actual state of
the case, he controlled his passion, and exclaimed, “You ! If ye'd been a man, as
ye're a green goose, I would have wrung the wizzen o' e l H It is probable that
Poll, ...

The Thistle And The Rose

Author: May McGoldrick
Publisher: MM Books
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one voice growled in English. “Nay, I'm not sure,” another responded in the same
English accent. “The bitch killed that thieving Gregor scum, and he was the only
one that knew the way, for certain.” “That dirty Scot surely enjoyed beating his
woman,” a third English voice chipped in, his voice betraying an attitude of
loathing. “We should have killed her anyway. She'll live to tell a tale or two,” the
first one answered. “We're here to do a job,” the third replied with disgust. “
Although some of ...

Tempted Taken

Author: Rhenna Morgan
Publisher: Carina Press
ISBN: 1488024499
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If it were an interview, any kind of drinking would have been a horrid idea, but
Knox had gone out of his way to emphasis this was a casual meeting. Plus, a little
something to steady her nerves wouldn't be unwelcome. “Vodka, please.” “And
now I'm in love,” Axel muttered as he leaned forward to catch her attention. “Ye
sure ye don't want ta set w' me, lass? I'll match mascotch with yer Russian brew
and we'll break all kinds o' international barriers.” “Can it with the brogue, you
dirty Scot ...

Not Quite A Scot

Author: Janice Maynard
Publisher: Lyrical Shine
ISBN: 1601836295
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standing at an overlook of one of the most impressive waterfalls I had even seen,
and there was nothing to mar my enjoyment or my view. I was almost finished
shooting when I noticed a single yellow wildflower clinging to the grass at the
edge of the cliff just beyond the guardrail. There was actually enough room for an
adult to crouch on ... the ground was still muddy from early days of rain. I was
going to get very dirty, but I was determined not to leave without this one picture. I
walked ...

One Hot Scot

Author: Suzanne Enoch
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 1466847123
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Even if he hadn't suggested she not wear her ball gown she was more than tired
of it—not just because it was dirty and torn, but because of what it represented.
She'd been stupid and naive that night, and she'd paid for it with her reputation. If
her grandfather hadn't seen fit to gift her with forty thousand pounds upon her
marriage, she would have lost her future, too. She glanced across the room at
Duncan, seated at the table with her shoes and trimming a pair of rabbit pelts to fit