Three Popular Histories Of 20th Century America

Author: Frederick Lewis Allen
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ISBN: 150404522X
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From the unprecedented corporate expansion that followed the Civil War, Allen traces a path of innovation and exploitation that put America’s fortunes in the hands of the Rockefellers, Fords, Vanderbilts, and other wealthy industrialists ...

Since Yesterday

Author: Frederick Lewis Allen
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1504011384
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From the Lindbergh kidnapping to the New Deal, from the devastating dust storms that raged through our farmlands to the rise of Benny Goodman, the public adoration of Shirley Temple, and our mass escape to the movies, this book is a hopeful ...

American Colloquy

Author: Leonard Lief
Publisher: Indianapolis
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His first and best-known, Only Yesterday (1932), is a lively account of the 1920's
and has sold over a half million copies. He followed it with The Lords of Creation
(1935), a financial history of America from 18)0 to 1935; Since Yesterday (1940),
which focused on the depression years; The Great Pierpont Morgan (1949), a
biography; and The Big Change (1952), an informal history of America since the
twentieth century opened. Although dismissed by some historians as a "historical

The Great American History Fact Finder

Author: Ted Yanak
Publisher: Mariner Books
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Allen's best- known works are Only Yesterday (1931) and Since Yesterday (1940
), informal histories of the United States during the 1920$ and 19305. ... Creation
(1935), The Great Pierpont Morgan (1949), and The Big Change (1952), a
synthesis of twentieth-century American history. ALLEN ... Allen was the
originator and first host of the highly popular "Tonight Show" on NBC in 1954 and
also starred in one of the most successful variety shows on television, "The Steve
Allen Show.

Academic American Encyclopedia

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Allen also wrote The Lords of Creation (1935), an economic history of the United
States in the 20th century, and a 1949 biography of ). Pierpont Morgan. He
collaborated with his wife on several American history picture-and-text volumes.
Ernest C. Hynds Bibliography: Payne, Darwin, The Man of Only Yesterday:
Frederick Lewis Allen (1975). Allen, Gracie: see Burns and Allen. Allen, Hervey
William Hervey Allen, b. Dec. 8, 1889, d. Dec. 28, 1949, was an American
novelist, critic, and ...

Encyclopedia Of The Great Depression A K

Author: Robert S. McElvaine
ISBN: 9780028656878
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Although Allen's book, along with numerous other influences, may have helped
to fasten to the 1920s its exuberant, carefree, jazz-age image, it should not be
dismissed as mere popularization: The historian William Leuchten- burg
remarked that Only Yesterday was "written in such a lively style that
academicians often underrate its soundness." Allen tried to duplicate his success
with a look at the 1930s, Since Yesterday: The Nineteen-Thirties in America,
published in 1940.

Academic American Encyclopedia

Author: Grolier Incorporated
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Bunyan's popular religious allegory uses characters, events, and locations to
symbolize the forces of good and evil The meaning conveyed may be obvious,
subtle, or virtually concealed by the writer. John Bunyan's ... His best-sellers Only
Yesterday (1931) and Since Yesterday (1940) were informal histories of the
1920s and '30s. ... Allen also wrote The Lords of Creation (1935), an economic
history of the United States in the 20th century, and a 1949 biography of J.
Pierpont Morgan.

World Authors 1900 1950

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Conceding that these were "anxious times," he reflected "that the good old days
for which some have always yearned were not so good; that we live . . . in an age
of progress and . . . despite the stormy international skies — an age of promise. ...
American Life since 1860 in Photographs, 1933; (with A. Rogers) Metropolis: An
American City in Photographs, 1934; The Lords of Creation, 1935; Since
Yesterday: The Nineteen- Thirties in America, September 3, 1929-September 3,
1939, ...

Webster S American Biographies

Author: Charles Lincoln Van Doren
Publisher: Merriam Webster
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From 1914 to 1916 he was associate editor of the Atlantic Monthly and from 1916
to 1917 was managing editor of the Century. During World War I he served on ...
Only Yesterday, a fascinating social history of the United States during the 1920s;
that book, together with Since Yesterday, 1940, which treated in similar fashion
the Depression decade of the thirties, provided a richly flavored account of one of
the most interesting periods of American history. Among Allen's other works were