Organizational Accidents Revisited

Author: James Reason
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1134806000
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Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents introduced the notion of an 'organizational accident'. These are rare but often calamitous events that occur in complex technological systems operating in hazardous circumstances.

The Chernobyl Accident Revisited

Author: Alexander Roman Sich
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However, even these research efforts, in addition to not studying the accident
itself, are sanctioned under the auspices of an organization named NVO Prypjat -
the Prypjat Scientific and Industrial Association. Formerly, this organization was
called "Kombinat" and was created in 1987 as a division of the former Soviet
Ministry of Medium Machine Building {MinSredMash - designers, among others
things, of Soviet nuclear weapons) to conduct decontamination work and provide
support ...

Middletown Revisited

Author: Marvin H. Cohen
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1439636168
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The organization is a combination department with professional drivers and
volunteer firefighters. The department responds to well over a thousand calls for
service each year. In addition to fire suppression the department responds to
numerous medical calls, alarms for automobile accidents, and other rescue
related dispatches. Fire prevention and education is also a priority. The city can
justifiably be proud of its fire department. The Firemen's Statue stood in Thrall
Park for many ...

Woonsocket Revisited

Author: Robert R. Bellerose
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1439631999
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Trains running off the rails were the most common type of railroad accident, and
the “righting up” of railroad cars usually attracted quite a few spectators. This
incident occurred while the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad was
leasing the old Providence & Worcester line, as it had been doing since 1893.
This is the Elks Home, on Harris Avenue, c. 1900. The Benevolent and Protective
Order of Elks, a fraternal organization, has been active in Woonsocket since the
late 19th ...

Sustainable Cities Revisited Iii 7060iied

Author: International Institute for Environment & Development
Publisher: IIED
ISBN: 9781843690955
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It includes details of measures to improve public transport and to reduce
congestion, traffic accidents, car use and air pollution. It also describes measures
to improve housing quality for low-income households, ... The author acted as
director of Leicester Environment City Trust, which later became Environ Trust (
Environ), the organization established to act as coordinator of the Environment
City initiative. Consequently, the paper emphasizes the process of change in
Leicester and ...

Organizational Learning Capability

Author: Arthur K. Yeung
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195356267
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Samsung. Revisited. and. Three. Health. Care. Systems. It's no accident that most
organizations learn poorly. As Chris Argyris and many other theorists have
pointed out, the ways organizations are designed and managed, the definitions
of people's jobs, and— most important—the manner in which we have all been
taught to think and interact inevitably create fundamental learning disabilities.1
The last two chapters have emphasized that successful organizational learning
involves an ...

Culture Of Fear Revisited

Author: Frank Füredi
Publisher: Continuum Intl Pub Group
ISBN: 9780826493958
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Cleansing the term 'accident' from our cultural narrative inexorably leads to a
relentless search for someone to blame. This is where the legal professional
takes over and provides the injured with an obvious target for a compensation
claim. 'IT WAS JUST AN ACCIDENT. . .OR WAS IT? is the title of a leaflet
published by Accident Line, a UK-based organization devoted to encouraging
the injured to claim compensation. The leaflet boasts that 'many people who
believed at first that their ...

The Active Society Revisited

Author: Wilson C. McWilliams
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc
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toward goal displacement as the "goal" of Activity becomes meeting operational
standards rather than fulfilling contextuating goals. As Weber observed long ago,
organizations have a way of generating the dominance of formal over substantive
rationality.74 Hence, mixed-scanning is not likely to reduce complexity, and
probably increases the tendency toward organized anarchy and garbage can
decision-making, because it explicitly decouples the organizational front stage
from its ...

A Life In Error

Author: Professor James Reason
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1472418417
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A Life in Error charts the development of his seminal and hugely influential work from its original focus on individual cognitive psychology through the broadening of scope to embrace social, organizational and systemic issues.

Silent Spring Revisited

Author: Susan Maria Turnquist
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Organizational theorist Perrow (1984) investigated the tendency for highly
complex technologies to be "tightly coupled" (having many interdependent
factors). Some hazardous industries, notably nuclear energy, are tightly coupled
systems, vulnerable to large or widely-distributed impacts from small disruptions,
which occur with enough frequency to be considered "normal accidents." More
recently, Clarke (1988, 1989) has looked at risk management organizations,
applying theories of ...