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Owing to ozone instability, it needs to be generated only when needed and used
at once. Generation of ozone can be achieved by: (1) UV radiation, (2) an
electrochemical process and (3) by corona discharge but it must be noted that the
first two methods yield a low ozone output and a poor regulation of production
The ozonetherapist must have an ozone generator that is safe, atoxic, and
reproducible. The instrument (Fig. 2.1) must be built with the best ozone-resistant
materials, such ...

Protecting The Ozone Layer

Author: Stephen O. Andersen
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Ozone depletion continued to attract widespread visibility in the period after the
Protocol was signed. For example, a Time cover story (19 October 1987) was
entitled: 'The Heat is On: Why the Ozone Hole is Growing'. In addition, several
weeks after the conclusion of the Montreal Protocol, the media reported on a new
study by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) about
ozone depletion. The Boston Globe (1 October 1987) reported, 'The 'hole' over
the ...

Ozone Reaction Kinetics For Water And Wastewater Systems

Author: Fernando J. Beltran
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Thus, there are AOPs carried out at ambient conditions of temperature and
pressure and at severe experimental conditions. Belonging to the first group are
the ozone-involving AOPs such as ozone at high pH, ozone/hydrogen peroxide (
O3/H2O2), ozone/UV radiation (O3/UV), ozone/catalyst (O3/Cat), etc.,1,2 and
others such as the Fenton, photofenton, and photocatalytic processes,3–5 to
name some of the best-known processes. To the second group belong wet air
and supercritical ...

Ozone In Drinking Water Treatment

Author: Kerwin L. Rakness
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The ozonation process includes four primary components that work together
when treating drinking water: the ozone generator, feed-gas supply, ozone
contactor, and ozone destruct system. The ozone generator is the core
component for ozone production. It consists of the power supply unit (PSU) and
generation vessel that contains the dielectrics and cooling system. The ozone
equipment manufacturer provides the PSU and the generation vessel that will
meet the design criteria for ...

Ozone Depletion And Climate Change

Author: Matthew J. Hoffmann
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protects humanity from skin cancer and agricultural catastrophe—a layer under
siege from synthetic chemicals.19 The potential for ozone depletion was
recognized in the 1970s and caught the imagination of the international scientific
community. Numerous studies were undertaken in the late 1970s and early
1980s, designed to ascertain if ozone depletion was happening and if CFCs
were the culprit. The sense of urgency exploded in 1985 when the British first
discovered the ...

Oxygen Ozone Therapy

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tendinitis, myofascial pain, epicondilitis and carpal tunnel syndrome with intra-
arricular or peri-articular insufflation of small volumes of O2-O3 (5-10 ml in one or
three sites with O3 concentrations from 5 to 15 μg/ml) with very encouraging
results. In Morton's disease (neuroma), up to six infiltrations of O2-O3 (4 ml each
at 20 μg/ml have yielded great pain relief. In a review article, Siemsen (1995)
reported that application of medical ozone in acute and chronic painful diseases
of the joints ...

The Ozone Layer

Author: Maureen Christie
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Ozone, O3, is a highly reactive form of oxygen, which is found in trace quantities
both in the natural stratosphere (15-50 km altitude), and in polluted surface air. It
was discovered and characterised in 1839 by Schonbein. It cannot easily be
prepared pure, but can readily be obtained in quantities up to 50 per cent by
passing an electric spark discharge through normal oxygen. Ozone is much more
reactive than normal molecular oxygen, and is also very toxic. The presence of
ozone in ...

Twenty Years Of Ozone Decline

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Johannes Staehelin, Christian Vogler, and Stefan Br ̈onnimann Abstract Long-
term measurements of total ozone started in the 1920s and a large number of
column ozone observations using different techniques were performed prior to
the International Geophysical Year (IGY 1957/58) when the presently used
method for Dobson spectrophotometry (using two wavelength pair
measurements) was introduced as a standard method. Only for a few series the
prerequisites (considering, ...