Science In The New Age

Author: David J. Hess
Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press
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occult and metaphysical traditions had not yet gained currency Rhine still
referred to this nexus as "the occult fringe." Consider, for example, a brief
passage that reveals many similarities with the discourse of the skeptics: "Just as
in medicine, for instance, proper research has given us 'modern miracles' in
place of old-fashioned charms to drive out evil spirits, in parapsychology by
controlled experiments much has already been learned to show the dividing line
between truth and ...

Parapsychology In The Twenty First Century

Author: Michael A. Thalbourne
Publisher: McFarland
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Others come from more orthodox religious traditions, readily linking
parapsychology with its heterodox metaphysical precursors (e.g., Lin- day 1972;
Logan 1988). Both views are fed by the present-day linkages that the
practitioners of various current spiritualist, occult, New Age traditions often make
with parapsychology. The findings of psychical research and parapsychology are
frequently cited in support of various beliefs and practices of these traditions, and
often incorporated in a ...

Unmasking The New Age

Author: Douglas Groothuis
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
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Spiritual Counterfeits Journal. August 1978. Focuses on holistic health and
contains several important articles. John Weldon and Zola Levitt. Psychic Healing
. Chicago, 111.: Moody Press, 1 982. m- depth Christian treatment of the occult
side of holistic health. New Age Science, Parapsychology Mark Albrecht and
Brooks Alexander. "The Sellout of Science." Spiritual Counterfeits Journal.
August 1978, pp. 19-29. A pioneering critique of New Age physics from a
Christian world view.

Revisiting The Nazi Occult

Author: Monica Black
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer
ISBN: 1571139060
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In light of this, one must wonder if scientific boundary-work (like that described by
Gieryn) would have helped to shift parapsychology more toward the scientific
forum and to distinguish it from the New Age, the “occult wave,” and the mass-
media.68 Parapsychology has often been labeled a pseudoscience, but in the
1960s and 1970s, it had strong enough institutional foundations in Germany and
other countries (USA, Netherlands, Soviet Union) that it was able to practice its
own ...

Cult Watch

Author: John Ankerberg
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
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A compilation of the entire Facts On series, Cult Watch gives you facts about the major cults and movements in a format you can use in counseling or witnessing.

The Secret Teachings Of The Masonic Lodge

Author: John F. Ankerberg
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 1575679930
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6 In fact, one official ecclesiastical inquiry into Masonry concluded, “The whole
complex of ideas inherent in Masonry bears close similarities to occultism.”7
Masonry is a potentially occultic religion and opens the doors to the world of the
occult. Masonry encourages the pursuit of the occult in five different ways: (1)
Masonry accepts the premise of the New Age and modern parapsychology
concerning latent human potential—the development of allegedly “natural”
psychic abilities; ...

Christianity And The Secret Teachings Of The Masonic Lodge

Author: John Ankerberg
Publisher: ATRI Publishing
ISBN: 193713637X
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We will show that, tovarying degrees, (1)Masonry accepts thepremiseof theNew
Age and modern parapsychology concerning latenthuman potential –the
developmentof allegedly “natural”psychic abilities; (2)that Masonrybearsa striking
similaritytomany otheroccult arts; (3) that Masonry encourages the individual
Mason to pursue its “esoteric” truths; (4) that Masonry is related to mysticism and
mayencourage the development ofaltered states of consciousness and(5) that
many Masons ...

The Facts On The New Age Movement

Author: John Ankerberg
Publisher: ATRI Publishing
ISBN: 1937136434
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In New Age Medicine, authors Paul Reisser, M.D., Terri Reisser, and John
Weldon list the following important cautionsabout New Age medical practices;
beware oftherapies which claim to manipulate "invisible energy"; bewareof those
whoseem to utilize ... An examination oftheliterature in thefield, includingthe
publication and researchreports ofthe scientific laboratoriesrevealthat
parapsychologists study occult phenomena althoughtheymay redefine it in more
neutralor scientific terms.