Peace At Last In Paradise

Author: Ananda Guruge
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781463418380
Size: 11.94 MB
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In this volume Guruge returns to present us with a spellbinding sentimental story that displays the full range of human emotions.

Free At Last In Paradise

Author: Ananda W. P. Guruge
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1452021309
Size: 65.71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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It covers the worst of times since independence,-- the recent three decades, a
time of war and destruction in the country. It offers a unique perspective of the
genesis, progress and end of the conÀicted era. It then continues on to project a
scenario, of peace and progress, that is to ensue in the three decades to come. In
volume three, Guruge returns to present us with a spellbinding sentimental story
that displays the full range of human emotions. A story born of tragic
circumstances of ...

Peace At Last

Author: Jason Leen
Publisher: Illumination Arts Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780935699005
Size: 61.78 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Jason Leen describes his own visions of John Lennon's death and after-death experiences such as passing through the tunnel of light and his emotional reunion with his mother, taking readers through a fascinating series of purifications and ...

The Last Hope For Peace

Author: Joshua E. Starr
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 146696409X
Size: 45.64 MB
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He could solve problems much quicker than heused to. He could even control
objects, climates, wind, and even earth. There was almost nothing thathis mind
couldn't do! Yet somewhere therewas aweapon powerful enoughto killhim and
his brother. Heneeded tofind itbefore Francis. Countless lives lay in jeopardy,
and countless more had already been lost waiting. This planetwas once a
paradise. There was somuch turmoil now, so muchfighting. For what?Power?
Control? One side ...

The Kingdom Order

Author: Dieter Keller
Publisher: neobooks
ISBN: 3847628119
Size: 16.22 MB
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God establish his kingdom on earth, our paradise Dieter Keller. Chapter 13: We
expect to Receive at 4:11:06 We go on in this man to enter into my Kingdom. We
want to immortal. We take the path to arrive with me. So go with me! I want to be
with you to arrive with me. For you must be, all the time with me. Because I want
you to become my children! ... But you're not fighting it, yet, so keep at last peace
one! For you must go with me, because I want to love you. You shall no
bloodshed ...

Rascals In Paradise

Author: James A. Michener
Publisher: Dial Press Trade Paperback
ISBN: 0804151512
Size: 63.18 MB
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The doctor delays the burial until unmistakable signs of dissolution have set in,
which happens very speedily under a tropic sun. Officers from the Génil, also
dressed in uniform, come in their boats, and stand at attention around the open
coffin. Little Tani [Rabardy's Melanesian wife], bowed with grief, sobs her heart
out at the foot of the bier; Fijian ministers chant their dirges. Rabardy, lying there,
is at last at peace, is at last free from the ever present terror of assassination. . . . “
Tani wept ...

The Path To Paradise

Author: Fatima Zahra Sandra Qazamel
Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore
ISBN: 1482823446
Size: 54.68 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book aims at setting out the basic principles of Islam in an easy to read and
understand way. Today, there is much controversy about Islam and Muslims.
Although current events have highlighted Islam, thus encouraging more people
to explore it, extremists and those wishing to give it a bad name have grossly
misrepresented it. Muslims believe in the ONE TRUE GOD and follow the
SUNNAH of the last Prophet, Muhammad (May peace be upon him) [The word
SUNNAH means ...

The Last Good Paradise

Author: Tatjana Soli
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 146684230X
Size: 26.68 MB
Format: PDF
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So Javi's been filling me in, and I'm ready to be a silent investor in the new El
Gusano.” “What?” Ann said. “What's this about?” Richard slapped his chair down
flat from its cocked position, ready to fly at Javi's throat. “I told him what happened
, bro.” “You had no right.” Was it the fact that Javi had shamed him, or jealousy
that he was stealing Richard's new guy friend? Dex held up his hands in his new
role as peacemaker. “Dudes. This is good. Just being on this island, all that's
happened ...

Paradise Lost A Poem Etc The Life Of Milton By Dr Newton

Author: John Milton
Size: 49.79 MB
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And sunk thee as thy sons ; till gently rear'd By th' Angel, on thy feet thou stood'st
at last, Though comfortless, as when a father mourns 760 His children, all in view
destroy'd at once ; And scarce to th' Angel utter'd thus thy plaint. O visions ... I had
hope, When violence was eeas'd, and war on earth, 78-3 All would have then
gone well, peace would have With length of happy days the race of man : [crown'
d But I was far deceiv'd ; for now I see ' Peace to corrupt no less than war to waste

Paradise Lost The Seventeenth Edition To Which Is Prefix D The Life Of The Author With An Account Of His Works With Some Particulars From That Written By Dr Newton To This Edition Is Added A Glossary Etc With Engraved Plates

Author: John Milton
Size: 44.73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Which neither his foreknowing can prevent, And he the future evil shall no less - -
In apprehension than in substance feel, . . . . 775 Grievous to bear; but that care
now is Past, - Man is not whom to wash those few escap'd ..... Famine and
anguish will at last consume. * * * * * Wand'ring that wat'ry desert. I had hope, . . . .
When violence was ceas'd, and war an earth, 789 All would have then gone well;
peace would have With length of happy days the race of man; scrown'd But I was
far ...