Pediatric Reference Ranges

Author: Steven J. Soldin
Publisher: Amer. Assoc. for Clinical Chemistry
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The fourth edition of Pediatric Reference Ranges is a valuable reference providing instant and accurate reference ranges for chemistry and hematology analytes in an alphabetized, user-friendly format.

Basic Skills In Interpreting Laboratory Data

Author: Mary Lee
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Obviously, problems in determining the true reference range may arise,
especially when overlap between values from the diseased and nondiseased
population occurs. As in adults, many factors can influence the pediatric
reference range including the specific assay methodology used, type of
specimen analyzed, specific population studied, nutritional status of the
individual, time of day the sample is obtained, timing of meals, medications taken,
and specific patient demographics ...

Reference Range Values For Pediatric Care

Author: Lamia M. Soghier
Publisher: Amer Academy of Pediatrics
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Find normal values and related data FAST!This concise, compact new handbook from the American Academy of Pediatrics brings together all the most vital range data - plus diverse clinical evaluation and calculation tools.


Author: Bernadette F. Rodak
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*Unless otherwise noted, data for reference range tables were compiled from
multiple sources and may vary slightly from ranges listed within chapters. ...
Basos – basophils ANC – absolute neutrophil count, includes polys and bands
Retic – reticulocyte TESTS COMMONLY USED TO ASSESS ANEMIA (same for
male and female, except noted) HEMATOLOGY REFERENCE RANGES
PEDIATRIC From Riley Hospital for Children, Hematology/Hemostasis Reference

Manual Of Pediatric Nephrology

Author: Kishore D. Phadke
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Jyoti Sharma and Anil Vasudevan 17.1 Normal Reference Values of Blood and
Urine Chemistries Different laboratories may have different reference ranges;
different methods of testing may be used. Hence, consult your laboratory for its
analytic methods and for its range of normal values. 17.1.1 gives normal
reference values of routinely performed blood and urine chemistries while
evaluating a child with renal disease. Serum (S), plasma (P), whole blood (W),
heparinised (H), day (d), ...

Sickkids Handbook Of Pediatric Thrombosis And Hemostasis

Author: V.S. Blanchette
Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers
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Written and reviewed by international experts in the field, this handbook is intended for health care professionals involved in the assessment and care of children with inherited and acquired bleeding and clotting disorders, including ...

Handbook Of Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology

Author: Charles G. D. Brook
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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Table 2.4 Situations that require separate reference ranges for the hormones
affected. Parameter Hormones affected Changes encountered Neonate 17α-
Hydroxyprogesterone Rapid changes after delivery Testosterone in males Rises
after first 2weeks of life and then falls at about 8–10 weeks Children
Reproductive hormones Low prepubertally and increase during puberty Adrenal
androgens IGF-1 Aging adult Gonadotrophins in women Increase in post-
menopausal women Cortisol ...

Issues In Neonatal Perinatal And Pediatric Research And Practice 2012 Edition

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Prenatal Chiang Mai University: Reference ranges of fetal aortic and pulmonary
valve diameter derived by STIC from 14 to 40 weeks of gestation According to the
authors of recent research from Chiang Mai, Thailand, “Objective To develop
reference ranges of fetal aortic and pulmonary valve diameter derived from
volume datasets of spatiotemporal image correlation (STIC). Methods A cross-
sectional study was undertaken on low-risk pregnancies with well-established
data from 14 to ...

Endocrinology Adult And Pediatric

Author: J. Larry Jameson
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
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Interquartile ranges are shown by the colored boxes, with the median value
indicated by the line. Serum TT4 levels rise to approximately 1.5 times the normal
nonpregnant reference range. Although serum FT4 ranges were method
dependent, as shown by differences in measurement by the Elecsys system (
Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis, Indiana ) and the Tosoh system (Tosoh
Corporation, Tokyo, Japan), both methods show a consistent decrease in FT4 as
pregnancy progresses.

Current Pediatric Diagnosis Treatment

Author: William W. Hay
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In the past, the term “normal ranges" was ambiguous since statistically, the term “
normal" also implied a specific (gaussian or normal) distribution, and
epidemiologically it implied the state of the majority, which is not necessarily the
desirable or target population. This is most apparent in cholesterol levels, where
values greater than 200 mg/dL are common but not desirable. Use of the term “
reference range” or “reference interval" is therefore recommended by the
International ...