Expanding Boundaries Systems Thinking In The Built Environment

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In self-cleaning glasses, thin TiO2 coatings exhibit photocatalytic and hydrophilic
properties as shown in figures 9 and 10 [3][7]. Another advantage of this process
is reduction in the lighting cost due to the fact that daylight is less obscured by
surface dirt. In addition to selfcleaning, the surfaces also exhibit antimicrobial,
antifogging and air-purification properties. So any advances in this field not only
saves energy and labour costs, but could also aid reduce hazardous substances
and ...

Essentials In Nanoscience And Nanotechnology

Author: Narendra Kumar
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The photocatalytic and antimicrobial properties are used in “self-cleaning
products (e.g., windows, cement, tiles, and textiles for use in hospitals) and air
purification systems. Use of tribological coatings prevents deposits in engines
and enhances fuel efficiency. TiO2 nanoparticles are also used to increase
scratch resistance of coatings and in the production of electronic components
and dental impressions. TiO2 can also be used in dye-sensitized solar cells to
produce electricity, ...

Design Of Advanced Photocatalytic Materials For Energy And Environmental Applications

Author: Juan M. Coronado
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An example of product especially designed for antibacterial, antiviral or
antifungal properties is the anti—flu suit from Haruyama Trading Co. Some
architectural materials with self-cleaning properties are the Pilkington Activ® self-
cleaning glass, TX Active self-cleaning and pollution-mitigating cement from
Italcementi Group or the photocatalytic coating material Folium® from Kawasaki
Heavy Industries Limited. The AiroCide PPT air purifying system from KES
Science and Technology ...


Author: Dionysios D. Dionysiou
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Chapter 7 Photocatalytic Purification and Disinfection of Air Alexander Vorontsov
7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 7.6 7.7 7.8 Introduction Photocatalytic Reactions for Air
Purification Photocatalysts and Their Supports for Air Purification Kinetics of ... of
Self-Cleaning Photocatalytic Activity 8.3.3 Photocatalytic Antibacterial Activity
Semiconductor Doping and TiO2/SiO2 Composites 8.4.1 Self-Cleaning Activity
8.4.2 Antireflective Properties 8.4.3 Metal Doped Coatings Semiconductor
Hybrids and Future ...

Processing Properties And Design Of Advanced Ceramics And Composites Ii

Author: Narottam P. Bansal
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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WG9: Photocatalysis ISO 18560-1 (2014) Test method for air-purification
performance of semiconducting photocatalytic materials by test chamber method
under indoor lighting environment - Part 1: Removal of formaldehyde ISO 19635
... Test method for antibacterial activity of semiconducting photocatalytic materials
ISO 27448 (2009) Test method for self-cleaning performance of semiconducting
photocatalytic materials - Measurement of water contact angle WG10:Coatings
ISO ...

Nanomaterials Nanotechnologies And Design

Author: Daniel L. Schodek
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Liquid drop Air pockets Figure 10.7 Hydrophobic (water-repelling) action due to
surface roughness. Nanopatterns can reduce the contact area and increase
hydrophobic behavior. Oxidized UVLight Dirt Unpaired electron molecule eBase
material Titanium dioxide coating Freed electron Loosened / decomposed
material Figure 10.8 Photocatalytic action. Photocatalysis can aid in self-cleaning
and antibacterial activity and in the reduction of pollutants in the air. that though
our ...

Nearly Zero Energy Communities

Author: Ion Visa
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There is an increasing number of research reports [5–13] on the TiO2
immobilization to develop photocatalytic fabrics used in applications as
wastewater treatment, indoor air purification, or as self-cleaning, self-
decontaminating or antibacterial fabrics. Different substrates are reported:
polyester [5, 6], wool [7, 8], cellulose [9] cottonpolyester blends [10] or cotton
fabrics [8, 11, 12]. The great interest in producing the photocatalytic fabrics arise
from their good activity, large availability, low ...

Nano Materials

Author: Sylvia Leydecker
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In addition to the self-cleaning properties, photocatalysis can also be used to
achieve air-purifying, water- purifying as well as antimicrobial properties. An
interesting application, which has already been implemented in experimental
prototype form, is the exploitation of the cooling effect of evaporating water. The
canvas and steel roofing as well as the windows of a trade fair pavilion in Japan (
Expo 2005, Aichi, Nagakute area) were equipped with a photocatalytic Ti02
coating and ...


Author: Louis Theodore
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This photocatalytic effect can be exploited for various commercial applications,
such as water and air purification, or to impart self-cleaning, antimicrobial, and
antialgae properties to surfaces. Since all such reactions take place very close to
the surface (of the TiO2 particles or coating), nanoparticles with extremely high
surface area allow these reactions to proceed at orders-of-magnitude faster rates
than ordinary grades of the oxide.2 Such photocatalytic reactions can be used to
treat, ...