Physician Integration Alignment

Author: Maria K. Todd
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439813086
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Filled with suggestions and ideas from successfully integrated practices, the book: Identifies industry drivers for the resurgence of integrated models and the need for aligned models Provides a look at the common characteristics of ...

Physician Alignment

Author: George Mayzell, MD, MBA, FACP
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466588837
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Chapter 4 — Revenue of the Acronyms: Co-management, IPA, and PHO
Integration Structure — Introduction Those of us who are blessed (or cursed) to
work on the administrative side of healthcare have become all too familiar with
the trendiness of ideas and the plethora of acronyms that represent them. Faced
with complex multiword concepts, any healthcare thinker or leader can turn that
concept into an acronym. These acronyms serve a purpose as they make
communication more ...

Achieving Steeep Health Care

Author: David J. Ballard, MD, PhD, MSPH, FACP
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466565381
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COnTEnTS InTrODuCTIOn Introduction 17 Strategies for System Alignment 18
Coordination of Quality Improvement Initiatives 18 System-Wide resource for
health Care research and Improvement 18 Engaging Physician Leadership 19
Physician Integration and Alignment 20 Accountable Care Organization 20
Lessons Learned 21 Conclusion 21 references 22 The seventh Institute for
Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Leadership Leverage Point is to build improvement
capacity.1 A ...

Physicians At The Bargaining Table

ISBN: 9780990724186
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Aids physicians in understanding available alignment options and how these options fit in with the future of healthcare, including ACOs and risk-based payer contracts.

Partners In Health

Author: Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470626593
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The recent drive to define and tie physician payment to clearer productivity and
time and effort accountability measures only addresses a portion of the problem.
Public safety net providers have a clear mission to improve the health of the
vulnerable populations they serve, regardless of ability to pay. This mission is
often tied to volume of services or availability of services without regard to the
effectiveness of the effort. The ideal goal of physician-hospital integration is an
aligned ...

Handbook Of Concierge Medical Practice Design

Author: Maria K. Todd
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466568194
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... physician integration and alignment, medical tourism, and this latest title on
concierge medicine. Her work is easily found on the Internet. Maria strives to be
accessible to individual practitioners. She maintains a popular website that
attracts more than 1,000 visitors a day and provides training through her website
and private workshops and webinars. She blogs regularly at http://, contributes actively on LinkedIn, and works one-on-
one with clinicians across ...

Healthcare Financial Management

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Methods for Measuring the Value of Alignment Conventional wisdom would
suggest that the methods Middlesex, Spectrum Health, and Geisingeruse to
measure the value of physician -hospital integration would be focused on
increased market share, year-to-year revenue growth, and improved margins.
However, the executive and board-level dashboards with which these
organizations monitor their success at alignment are focused almost exclusively
on the following types of ...

Human Resources In Healthcare

Author: Bruce Fried
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Attitudes and issues 2. Level of integration 3. Capabilities 4. Value added
activities Attitudinal assessments are typically confined to occasional employee
surveys with standard questions on such topics as job satisfaction and
communication. For strategic alignment purposes, assessing physician attitudes
requires a more detailed treatment with specially designed survey instruments (
Williams et al. 1999) that evaluate job satisfaction, job stress, organizational
commitment, perceptions ...

A Tale Of Two Ownership Types

Author: Margaret Chia-Yun Wang
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Medical Care Physician integration: Salary and ownership; Networking and JV;
Physician in management governance; Services for MDs; Cost information
sharing Clinical integration: Information sharing; Product line organization;
Clinical guidelines Bazzoli et al. ... Medical Care Alignment between physicians
and health care Systems: Physician membership in affiliated groups; Normative
commitment; System identification; System loyalty; Perceived group commitment
Budetti et al.

Health Affairs

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208 Barrlers To Alignment Despite years of steering a course ostensibly intended
to lead to successful vertical integration among different health care sectors, a
substantial disconnect exists between the major policy shifts that would
encourage physician-system alignment and the organizational reality as we
perceive it. This emerged even as health systems expressed strong interest in
enhancing their relationship with physicians and adopted at systems, and even in
systems that ...