Environmental Science

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Old industrial facilities such as smelters, mills, petroleum refineries, and chemical
manufacturing plants are highly likely to ... the ground, solvents, metals,
radioactive elements, and other contaminants are dispersed and difficult to
collect and treat. ... Cleaning up contaminated groundwater usually entails
pumping vast amounts of water out of the ground — hopefully ...
Phytoremediation (remediation, or cleanup, using plants) can include a variety of
strategies for absorbing, extracting, ...

Science Culture

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Bioremediation of heavy or toxic metals a) From Soil : Certain plants can
concentrate essential and non-essential heavy ... that is able to accumulate up to
4% zinc14 in leaf dry matter, has attracted much attention for its possible use in
phytoremediation of ... of Cu contaminated soils, restoration of mined land,
geochemical prospecting and environmental pollution. ... var. piperascens16
were able to grow in Cd contaminated soil and its accumulation in plant did not
affect the essential oil ...

International Environment Reporter

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1114 Sweden and Denmark, bridge linking nations appears to help rather than
hurt ecosystem, environmental authorities say, ... Helsinki Comm'n says, 773 —
Oil spills Denmark to consider requiring local pilots for ships navigating waters
after accident, ... funds for cleanup, 968 — Toxic chemical pollutants Decline
noted, but signs of environmental deterioration continue, ... ban approaches, 206
SEWAGE TREATMENT See also WATER, subheading: pollution EU directive

Pollution Abstracts

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6848 Race, class, and environmental health: A review and systematization of the
literature . ... 6561 Composition of some city waste waters and their effect on soil
characteristics . ... 6571 Nodulation and growth of subterranean clover (Trifolium
subterraneum L.) in soils previously treated with sewage sludge . .... 6542
Extraction and purification of microbial DNA from petroleumcontaminated soils
and detection of low numbers of ... Sensivity analysis for setting soil cleanup
standards .

The Wall Street Journal

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(L)D 1 - B, 1:1 Marc Emery's Hemp BC will sell 130,000 hemp seeds in 1995,
enough to produce about 30,000 pounds of potent ... (S)D 21 - A, 1:5
ENVIRONMENTAL CLEANUP The US Supreme Court has declined to hear
Asarco Inc's appeal of a ... Super- fund liability for banks, municipalities and
prospective buyers of property contaminated by hazardous wastes. ... The
commission approved a $17.2 million project to build a water treatment plant in
Brawley CA and an $8 million ...

Der Stumme Fr Hling

Author: Rachel Carson
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Der stumme Frühling erschien erstmals 1962.