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Treatment Wetlands. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, Lewis Publishers. Kadlec,
R. H., and Knight, R. L. 1998. Creating and Using Wetlands for Wastewater and
Stormwater Treatment and Water Quality Improvement, Part I. Treatment
Wetlands. ... Treatment Wetlands, 2nd ed. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. Kaimi,
J. E., Mukaidani, T., and Tamak, M. 2007. Screening of twelve plant species for
phytoremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil. Plant Production
Science 10 (2), pp.

Science Culture

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T. caerulescens, a metal lophyte that is able to accumulate up to 4% zinc14 in
leaf dry matter, has attracted much attention for its possible use in
phytoremediation of metal contaminated soils. Brassica spp. (B. juncea, B. iiapus,
and B. campestris) exhibited moderately enhanced Zn accumulation23 and were
comparable to that of T. caerulescens for phytoextraction of Zn contaminated soil.
Several other plant species Salix spp24, Coppice birch (Betula pendula)25 , Mint
piperita16 and ...

International Environment Reporter

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Putin signs bills into law, 608 — Kursk nuclear submarine salvaged, emits no
significant radiation levels but decommissioning unsolved, 931 Water pollution,
Nordic countries and banks agree to fund completion of wastewater treatment
project, 509 s SALTS AND SALT PRODUCTION Canada, road salts considered
for toxic designation under Environmental Protection Act, 1099 France, coast of
Brittany polluted in 1999 after oil tanker Erika breaks in half, final government
report ...

Pollution Abstracts

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6361 Effect of land-use change and methane mixing ratio on methane uptake
from United Kingdom soil ..... --- 6579 Effects of fungicides on microbial activi n
Sandy SOil .......................... 6571 Nodulation and growth of subterranean clover (
Trifolium subterraneum L.) in soils previously treated with sewage sludge ..............
.................... 6559 Soil acidification gradients: Mode of development, status quo
and classification ..... The impact on hydrology and q establishment on lowland
clay soils ...

The Wall Street Journal

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Like Chicago, nine other states have red voluntary cleanup programs since 1994.
(L)S A, 9F:1 The Border Environment Cooperation Commission, set up under
NAFTA to clean up the polluted -Mexican border, has approved its fir! US rst two
water projects valued at $25 million. The commission approved a $17.2 million
project to build a water treatment plant in Brawley CA and an $8 million project to
build a waste-water treatment plant in I n senada Mexico. The North American ...