President S Fiscal Year 1991 Budget Request For Eastern Europe

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs
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We constantly hear this discussion of $300 million in bilateral assistance for
Eastern Europe as new money. My understanding of what happened in fiscal
year 1990 is that the Administration put in $270 million into economic support
funds for ...

Public Papers Of The Presidents Of The United States George Bush 1991

Author: Bush, George
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I believe you will find that the fiscal year 1992 budget submission sufficiently
describes the activities of the Foundation ... 1991. Technical Assistance for
Central and Eastern Europe The President and Chancellor Kohl announced
today that the ...

Public Papers Of The Presidents Of The United States George Bush 1990

Author: Bush, George
Publisher: Best Books on
ISBN: 1623767539
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Currently Mr. Unhjem serves as vice president for corporate affairs and legal
counsel for Blue Cross, Blue Shield of North Dakota in Fargo, ND. Helen Wilshire
Walsh ... The President approved and sent to the Congress the following fiscal
year 1991 budget amendments: --two requests totaling $300 million for the
President's initiative to provide special assistance for Eastern Europe. These
amendments ...

An Analysis Of The President S Budgetary Proposals For Fiscal Year

Author: United States. Congressional Budget Office
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Table 1-3 shows CBO's estimates of the Administration's budget program by
major tax source and spending category, as well ... Under the Administration's
program, debt held by the public will swell from $2.7 trillion at the end of 1991 to
$4.3 billion ... for inflation), the 1993 budget requests $50 billion less in budget
authority for defense over the 1992-1997 period. ... The Administration is asking
for an additional $550 million in 1992 funding to assist the states of Eastern
Europe and the ...

Congressional Record

Publisher: Government Printing Office
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Such assistance may include any of the SEED Actions contained in section 2(c)
of the Support for East European ... (2) In addition, upon enactment of this Act, the
President is authorized to use any funds ... For purposes of providing assistance
authorized by this chapter, there are authorized to be appropriated to the
President $400,000,000, for fiscal year 1992. ... II] proposal to the Senate,
outlining its request for East European democracy assistance for fiscal years
1991 and 1992.

American Defense Policy

Author: Peter L. Hays
Publisher: JHU Press
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The SECDEF then submits the final budget to the OMB for its final review and
inclusion in the president s budget. ... KEY BUDGETING DOCUMENTS Budget
Estimate Submission. ... EXECUTION REVIEW The DOD portion of the
president's budget covers two fiscal years. ... or "real-world" changes such as the
recent events in Eastern Europe and Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm)
, the DOD has ...

Bia Ystok Law Books 5 Political Systems Of The Central And Eastern European Countries

Author: Artur Olechno
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Temida 2
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In case of divergence on the content of the enacted bill, the mediation in both
chambers is undertaken by a common commission ... The president signs the bill
within 20 days, unless he requests the parliament for re—examination (
suspending veto). ... lack of vote of confidence, parliamentary questions, budget
realization control (with the aid of the Financial Chamber, ... so the Constitution
from 1991 only supported the existence of the institution modelling it on the
president of V French ...