Chicago Daily News Almanac

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Indians in the 254-256 — Lakes, Largest • ,«g — Manufactures in 17*"1/,S —
Measures and Weights Used in...... 62 — Mineral Products of. 1925 178, 179 —
Mints and Assay Offices ... 410 — Prisons m 584 — Prisons. State, in 584 —
Progress Since 1800 222 — Public Debt of ... in Chicago 8„i"sS? United States
Life Tables 80 „§i United States Military Academy 354 United States Naval
Academy 3o4 United Workmen, Ancient Order of..... 5J4 Universities, Dates of
Founding 347-353 ...

The World Almanac Book Of Facts

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17 E. 42d St. Rm. 1108. N. Y. C; 100.000; Pres., Norman H. Davis; Sec.. Mrs.
Katrlna Ely Tiffany. Wool Mfrs.. Nafl. Assoc, of (1864). 80 Federal St. Boston.
Mass.: Pres., John P. Wood; Sec., Walter Humphreys. World Agriculture Soc. (
1019). Amherst ... During the yoar It Is estimated that over 500 prisoners returning
to freedom from the State prisons have been nelped to a new chance in life,
positions being secured for them and the moral support so desirable at such a
time provided.

The London Review Of Politics Society Literature Art Science

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... with Jesus in the Book of Psalms," by the Rev. Dr. Edersheim ; " On the
Membership of the Christian Church, and the Parity of her Communion," by the
Rev. Dr. Cairns ; " Home in the Holy Land," by Mrs. Finn ; Ao. Messrs. Jackson,
Walpord, & Hodder have in preparation a new two-volume story entitled " Doctor
Kemp, the Story of a Life with a Blemish ; " M. de Pressens^'s " Jesus Christ, His
Times, His Life, Hia Work," 1 vol. ; " The Sixth Work, or the Prisoners Visited," by
Mrs. Meredith, ...

International Television Video Almanac

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Moviola: The Silent Lovers, Killjoy, Skokie, M.A.D.D.: Mothers Against Drunk
Drivers, Surprise-Surprise!, The Two Mrs. Grenvifles, Still Crazy Like a Fox, Beryl
Markham A Shadow in the Sun, Liberace, Voices Within: The Lives of Truddi
Chase, ... SepL 17. 1956. m producer Martin Bergman. Was stage dancer then
stand-up comic. Author: Naked Beneath My Clothes, Rita Rudner's Guide to Men.
THEATRE: Annie (B'way). Promises Promises. Foilies. Mack and Mabel.

Country Gentleman

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Jan. 15— wtf. Spring Station, Woodford Co., Ky "aJA.NK. ... N. B. -Pamphlets and
Circulars will be sent by mall to those who March 17-wly, ORCHARD, VINEYARD
, GARDEN To Culture under Glass, Landscape Gard Ac. Published monthly, and
forming i nual Volume of 400 royal octavo pages. request them. GRAPE ... A book
about the life and practical duties of a farmer, which so Interests one residing In
town as to keep him up after bedtime to read It. [From the New-York Observer.] ...

British Books

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Leipzig Fitzgerald's Life of George IV. ... Meriimarfs Prisoners and Captives
Comhrtdge, 0., 021 Falham Bead, S.W. ' Domestic Architecture of the Milldla
Ages. .... 17. Vol.5. 1870 (Churchill) ' Brain. Spring No., 1895 ' Goodman, J'., t Co.,
108; Paddington, Liver ool Danger eld's Entertainment Guide Lelaiid's Gipsies (
Boston) Borrow's Romany Rye. 2 vols. Fortnightly Review. Nov. 1878 Mn.rlitt's
Love or Pride Edwards' Miss Carew Colonel Dacre, by author of 'Caste' Burke's
Romance of ...

Video Source Book Video Program Listings J T

Author: James M. Craddock
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Also examines alternatives to adult prisons. 55m; VHS ... After one of the men
survives a stroke, the two set out on a real-life adventure on a tugboat cruising
down the Mississippi River. Although ... P: Entertainment. U: Home. Mov-Ent:
Aging. Acq: Purchase. Dist: No known distributor. Old Farmer's Almanac Video,
Vol. 1 1989 Willard Scott and the incomparable Jonathan Winters give household
hints, weather advice and much more in this tribute to the perennial Farmer's
Almanac. 60m ...

Los Angeles Magazine

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"Celebrity has never been cheaper, and we've never had a shabbier quality of
star than today Once, magazine writers went drinking with Bogie — he had lived
a life. ..... This is a tabloid almanac of L.A. as we both openly dread and secretly
hope it once was, and a freeze-frame record of several stars fixed to their
particular places in the cosmos: Guy Pearce on the verge of cult status, Kevin
Spacey about to become a .... By the '60s he was a gardener in prison for
murdering his wife.