Religion And Law In Italy

Author: Marco Ventura
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Succinct and practical, this book will prove to be of great value to practitioners in the myriad instances where a law-related religious interest arises in Italy .

The Legal Treatment Of Muslim Minorities In Italy

Author: Andrea Pin
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Islam religion, society and law are all combined in the communal prayer and
sermon (khutba).186 The khutba, which is spoken by the Khatib,187
distinguishes itself from the prayer traditionally led by the Imam,188 although the
Khatib and the Imam are often the same person. The sermon normally focuses on
socio-political issues. As of 2011, there was knowledge of no more than three
mosques in Italy and more than 700 Islamic mussallat, which is a sort of chapel
devoted only to ...

Religion And Equality Law

Author: Nelson Tebbe
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Italy (2011) at ¶ 66. 13 Lautsiv. Italy (2011) at ¶ 68. 14 Lautsiv. Italy (2011) at ¶ 57.
15 Lautsiv. Italy (2011) at ¶57. 16Lautsiv. Italy (2011) at page 40. 17 See Julie
Ringelheim, Rights, Religion and the Public Sphere: The European Court of
Human Rights in Search of a Theory?, in Law, State and Religion in the New
Europe: Debates and Dilemmas (Lorenzo Zucca & Camil Ungureanu eds.,
forthcoming). 18 The Consiglio di Stato, the highest administrative court,
suggests that the crucifix ...

Religion Law And Society

Author: Russell Sandberg
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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This recognition seems underplayed in Davie's article, however, where the
overall impression is that law is a newcomer who is demanding the attention of
sociology and religion, who formerly only had eyes for one another. ... proposal
was published in a special edition of Law and Justice in 2004, which also
included a number of studies from a project that brought together schol- ars from
the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain and Greece to reflect upon the relationship
between religion ...

Heresy Culture And Religion In Early Modern Italy

Author: Ronald Delph
Publisher: Truman State University Press
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The doges, after adopting Saint Mark as patron of the city, had the responsibility
as heads of the Venetian Republic to maintain his authority and that of the
Serenissima to ensure the appropriate religious and social responses to the law
of God, the Decalogue, brought down from Mount Sinai by Moses and
disseminated by the “new Moses” Saint Mark. One of the responsibilities of the
doge was to uphold and protect the cult of Saint Mark. Gino Benzoni has often
noted that to be subject ...

Family Religion And Law

Author: Prakash Shah
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8 IC, whose first two paragraphs state that '[a]ll religious denominations are
equally free before the law. Denominations other than Catholicism have the right
to self-organization according to their own statutes, provided these do not conflict
with Italian law'. Accordingly, Italy recognises the same freedom for all religions;
nonetheless, this does not imply that all religions are equal in an absolute sense,
and different norms can regulate their relations with the state. 27 The Italian
figure of ...

Law And Religion In The 21st Century

Author: Rinaldo Cristofori
Publisher: Routledge
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Roberta Aluffi Beck-Peccoz, Associate Professor of Comparative Law, University
of turin, turin, italy. giovanni Barberini, Professor of Law and Religion, University
of Perugia, Perugia, Italy. Fatou Kiné Camara, Associate Law Professor, Cheikh
Anta Diop University, Dakar, Senegal. giuseppe Casuscelli, Professor of Law and
Religion, University of Milan, Milan, italy. Blandine Chélini-Pont, Assistant
Professor of History, Law and Religion, university Paul Cézanne, aix en
Provence, ...

Women And Religion In Medieval And Renaissance Italy

Author: Daniel Bornstein
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
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the appearance of this volume will involve them more fully in the similar debates
being conducted in English. There are encouraging signs that ... Ian Maclean,
The Renaissance Notion of Woman: A Study in the Fortunes of Scholasticism and
Medical Science in European Intellectual Life (Cambridge, 1980), provides a
good introduction to legal, medical, and theological notions of woman. The
intersection ...

Religion Law And Freedom

Author: Joel Thierstein
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The publication or utterance of blasphemous, seditious, or indecent matter is an
offense which shall be punishable in accordance with law. (Constitution of
Ireland, 1937) In 1984, Italy moved away from its traditional "State religion"
concept by renewing the constitution's art. 7 and providing that "State" and "
Church" are "independent and sovereign" and by guaranteeing, in art. 19, that
citizens "are entitled to freely profess their religious convictions in any form,
individually or in ...

Regulating Religion

Author: James T. Richardson
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Italy was ultimately unified through a process of annexation. This process—
known as the “artichoke revolution”—began in 1859 and was given legitimacy
through plebiscites in each region, which some claimed were rigged.
Nonetheless, the Kingdom of Italy was eventually proclaimed in 1861. The
Statuto became the constitution of the Kingdom of Italy, including the provision
that the Roman Catholic Church was the only state church. Laws enacted by the
Parliament of the Kingdom ...