Remember That

Author: Allison Dolan
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A Blast From the Past Take a trip down memory lane with this interactive trivia book of headlines, fads, sports, music and more from 1930–2010.

The Living Age

Author: Eliakim Littell
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TEST YOUR MEMORY! How many answers to these questions on last year's
events do you know? Cbtck □ When did Hitler enter Austria? □ What cities has
Japan conquered in China? □ When did the French Popular Front Government
Jail? ... of your tongue . . . And then it's gone! . . . The harder you try to remember
it, the further it recedes into the distance. The World Over: 1938 is a life saver at
such moments. You can turn instantly to the country and the exact date you need.


Author: Elie Wiesel
ISBN: 9786054629978
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Eastern World

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remember that the subject matter in the Five Canons covers the earliest period of
Chinese history, and that the Chinese script had undergone several major
changes before it began to assume its present form — two facts which gave rise
to sundry ... When some were dug out of double walls, or again committed to
writing from memory over one hundred years later, the original consecutive order
and many passages written on bamboo plates were lost forever and numerous
errors of ...

New York Times Saturday Review Of Books And Art

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But either well-deserved disgrace or ill-earned success provides fine fun in the
process, and is equally satisfying in the end. The first half of the book contains the
adventures of ... MARY FRANCES DONER covers a wide sweep of time and
territory in this chronicle of a woman's life. Jane Halloran — called Puss for the
first third of her story — spent her early years in a Detroit which possessed only
the nucleus of its great automobile industry. Freighters and passenger steamers
on the ...

Stanford Business

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After nearly 13 years as head of the Mercury Asset Management fixed interest
division, I have been appointed head of new product development for Merrill
Lynch Mercury. This is a very exciting opportunity to participate in the
development of the combined Merrill Lynch and Mercury businesses. And some
different classmates have been making the news lately: Kate Mutlier (Washington
Post, March Z4, 1998), whose headline read “MBA No Ticket to Top for Women";
Richard ...

Madame Impresario

Author: Grace Denton Esser
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On September 19, 1968, 45 years later, the Toledo Blade ran a story with the
headline: "Urban Renewal Unit to Close Long Runs of Rivoli Theatre. ... The
memory of my Pavlowa performance lingered on in Toledo, Ohio, even though
the theatre was torn down. On the ... And your editor salutes its owner, whose
name is Herbert S. Arbogast and who finds reason to celebrate Washington's
Birthday next Friday with a fervor that is above and beyond the fact that it is
Washington's Birthday.

The New York Times Magazine

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Memory. Book. yielded. hints. of. a. promising. childhood,. of. a. boy. she. loved.
and. lost. and. of. a. marriage. based. on. blighted. hopes. 'to % was this woman,
so stern apresence to hergrandchildren, so. headline: “Martha ... Just A Plain Old
... Perhaps sympathy was more appropriate than congratulations for a minister's
wife who eventually bore nine children, the last in her 49th year. Martha ... HE
PAGES THAT FOLLOW chronicle the triumphs and tragedies of Martha's young

Wines Vines

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Three people drowned in a vat of unfermented grape juice in Sicily last year. So
maybe vats of grape Juice should have some kind of warning label? GOOD
HEADLINE. That would be in the Feb. issue of the Society of Medical Friends of
Wine Bulletin. Specifically, it says “Wine, Beer Up, Spirits, Deaths down." It refers
to the fact that consumption of distilled spirits dropped from 1.96 gallons per
capita in 1974 to 1.74 gallons in 1985, while wine intake rose from 1.66 gallons
in "74 to 2.45 ...