Rethinking Legal Scholarship

Author: Rob van Gestel
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316760502
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Although American scholars sometimes consider European legal scholarship as old-fashioned and inward-looking and Europeans often perceive American legal scholarship as amateur social science, both traditions share a joint challenge.

Rethinking Corporate Governance

Author: Roger Blanpain
Publisher: Kluwer Law International
ISBN: 9041134506
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This volume includes a selection of papers from the Eighth International Conference in commemoration of Marco Biagi held at the Marco Biagi Foundation in Modena, Italy in March 2010.

National Journal

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—economist Nouriel Roubini Brains in the Dock □ Scientists and legal scholars
are. ft.Y\»ncial products turn out lo have equality and risk ... U.S. and European
Union officials have been meeting in a financial regulatory dialogue since 2004.
Participants praise the discussions, but they have yet to produce regulatory
convergence. The tortured story of trans-Atlantic attempts to harmonize
accounting practices is a cautionary tale. American regulators have long had a "
not invented here" ...


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Ron Robin continues these points by commending the push for dialogue
between U.S. and foreign historians. But he warns that, to date, foreign scholars
are pushed into a "supporting role," and that the internationalization of American
history still has a decidedly U.S. stamp. Robin and David A. Hollinger agree that
national history is still useful. Hollinger argues that "within globally oriented
scholarship [...] there is still substantial room for national narrative" (385).
Hollinger makes his ...


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Papers by 16 scholars will explore the practices, businesses, institutions, and
technologies that have fabricated tourism as a means of creating "consuming
experiences. ... The ISUD Sixth World Congress, "Humanity at the Turning Point:
Rethinking Nature, Culture, and Freedom," will be held July 15-20, 2005, in
Helsinki, Finland. In the spirit of fostering dialogue, the papers to be discussed at
the congress will be posted on the ISUD web site ( prior to the

The Journal Of American History

Author: Organization of American Historians
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Cookson, Gillian, "The Transatlantic Telegraph Cable: Eighth Wonder of the
World," History Today (London), 50 (March 2000), 44-51. Heavily illustrated. Due,
John R, "Road Transport ... End," American Quarterly, 52 (March 2000), 1-22.
Palladino, Paolo, "Icarus' Flight: On the Dialogue between the Historian and the
Historical Actor," Rethinking History (London), 4 (Spring 2000), 21-36. Wandel,
Torbjorn, "Michel De Certeau's Place in History," Rethinking History Recent
Scholarship 805.


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D. Michael Quinn: independent Scholar, Salt Lake City, Utah, History of Plural
Marriage in the American West Kimberly C. Shankman: Ripon College,
Wisconsin, Compromise and the Constitution: The Political Thought of Henry
Clay Thomas M. Truxes: Independent Scholar, An Irish-American Transatlantic
Partnership: An Edition of the Greg and Cunningham Letterbook, 1756-57
Michael Wallace: CUNY Research Foundationl John Jay College, New York,
New York, A His~ tory of ...


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447p 72-83914. 9.95. SBN 671-21323-7 A unique collection of dialogues about
the judicial process, from the perspective of the political lawyer and his clients. ...
Hopefully this will be read by the legal establishment, by law students, by pre-law
students, by social scientists of all views, and by many of the stalwarts of middle
America. Highly recommended. ... While this last feature will be of value to
scholars, it detracts from the book's cohesiveness and readability. Too much
space is ...

Yearbook Of International Organizations 2011 2012

Author: Union of International Associations
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers
ISBN: 9789004203754
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Subtitle. A booklet explaining the meaning of the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights and appraising its moral and legal influence, includes text of the
Declaration. Special 15th ... la paix (1962), 343 p. Series: Collection Tiers monde,
problemes des pays sous54217 54221 54229 Institute Scholars - - 54230
unuguay and the United Nations (1974) .... Weiss, Thomas G - - - - - 54275
Humanitarian Shell Games, whither UN reform 7 (1998) — Security Dialogue 29,
1, pp. 9-23. Weiss ...