Author: Tomas Jina
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Sip of water would help but there was none and both interrogators watched him
motionlessly, not offering it. They did not care if he has a heart attack and dies
there; he wouldn't be the first one anyway. “Your older daughter is applying for a
study at the Charles University, isn't she? And as I am reading here, she is quite
talented student, first in class. I am right?” Flipping now pages in the folder Hefel
increased the pressure. Then Brown stepped ahead, forcing his face into
Janechek's, ...

The Best Of Enemies

Author: Jen Lancaster
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 069816699X
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... don't I?” She takes hold of my wrist and begins to yank me down the beach. “
What are you doing?” I yelp, stumbling in the sand while I try to keep up with her.
“We're going back to the hotel to get on the WiFi so you can get in touch with him.
This instant. I'm not messing around here. Your future starts now.” “Now?” I say,
overcome with equal parts trepidation and anticipation. “Right. Flipping. Now.”
CHAPTER TWENTYONE Little Cayman Island Saturday “Feel free to crown.

Spite The Devil

Author: Janice Magner
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
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There's nothing that even comes close to it. I'm going to call the church and see if
they know anything about this.” Janice dialed the rectory and immediately asked
about the epistle problem to a pleasant sounding lady who answered the phone.
“Yes, I came home wanting to read a little more about the epistle for today, but I
can't seem to find it in my Bible,” Janice began. “Wait a second. I have the Bible
right here,” the lady answered her. Janice could hear the pages flipping. “Now let

Praises Abound

Author: Russell Schulz-Widmar
Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.
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Well, he was right, butwho wasI going to dress up for? I picked up one of the
magazines my sister favored— Good Housekeeping or Redbook—and flickeda
particularly skeletal looking model's bare thigh.“I know you have somefatin there,”
I grumbled, hating herskinny,airbrushed self. Sigh. “Deborah,” Iasked myself,“
didanyone ever have a better fix on selfpity than you do right decided. Flipping
now?” Probably not,I to another page,I stared at an article's title askingifa
marriage could be ...

Deadly Shadows

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Em immediately rolled back to her right, flipping the Bowie as she did so that she
now held it in an overhand grip. She brought it down with all her strength in a
backward sweep. The blade buried itself to the hilt in the man's back just below
his right shoulder blade. The room filled with a painful howl. Em scrambled to her
knees, her jaw clamped against the pain. The man was twisting on his stomach,
his right arm flailing as he tried to gain a grip on the knife in his back. Em dove on
him, ...

Flipping Numbers Pt 2

Author: Ernest Morris
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Everyone was in the house opening up gifts now. EJ was waiting for the right
moment to handle his business. They had even decided to let the kids stay up
late to open up some of their presents. It was now 12:30 a.m. and everyone was
starting to calm down, so EJ thought this was the right time to step up and do
what he had wanted to do for so long now. Everyone was in the same room when
Chris came in and turned the music off so that EJ could speak. “Can I have
everybody's ...

Constructing The World

Author: David J. Chalmers
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191654930
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Likewise, we can make sense of the hypothesis that everything that now seems
to be on our left is on our right. I might recently have undergone a 'flipping'
process: for example, left-right flipping lenses might have been put on my eyes,
so that I am at least temporarily subject to systematic illusions of orientation. In
both cases, we can even suppose that all of our senses (including bodily senses
and motor affectors) have recently been subjected to such a process, so that the
distortion is ...

A World Of Becoming

Author: William E. Connolly
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822348799
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π The experience of depth, you might say, incorporates di√erent possible
perspectives upon the object into the angle of vision from which it is now
engaged. The experience is ubiquitous. If you draw a Necker cube on a flat piece
of paper, depth will immediately be projected into it. Upon viewing the image for a
few seconds, it becomes inverted, so that a figure in which depth had moved from
left to right now flips in the other direction. Upon learning how to produce the flips
—by ...

Real Estate Investor S Guide To Flipping Bank Owned Properties

Author: Matt Andrews
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I now knew that this path was a sham, a pipe dream, a dead end. I could not go
back to my old way ofthinking now. I was essentially ruined for Corporate
America. Fast forward a bit to a pivotal moment. . . There I was -- palms sweating,
shaking, sick to my stomach. I was 23 years old and about to complete the
highest dollar transaction of my life; a whopping $89k for an investment property
in Tampa, Florida. I had done the research. I knew I was paying the right price. I
knew what the ...

Attending Others

Author: Brian Volck
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
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Now moving down his right side, I listened first, then pressed the diaphragm
slightly deeper, using my stethoscope, that elegant invention of Rene Theophile
Hyacinthe Laennec. Laennec was a nineteenth-century ... I'd normally sound out
the length and breadth of his belly next, my left hand flat against the skin, striking
my left middle finger with the tip of the right, flipping the right hand downward with
the hinged wrist of a catcher tossing out a runner at second. With the ear of a
vintner ...