Secondary Heroines In Nineteenth Century British And American Novels

Author: Dr Jennifer Camden
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409475743
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Taking up works by Samuel Richardson, James Fenimore Cooper, Sir Walter Scott, and Catharine Maria Sedgwick, among others, Jennifer B. Camden examines the role of female characters who, while embodying the qualities associated with heroines ...

The Other Woman

Author: Jennifer Bonnie Camden
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Abstract: In a recurrent pattern in the nineteenth-century novel, authors introduce two female characters, only to focus on one and appear to forget the other. My dissertation examines this other woman: the "secondary heroine.

Teaching Character Education Through Literature

Author: Karen E. Bohlin
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415322027
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heroine. Widely taught in both American and British secondary schools, Jane
Austen's Pride and Prejudice brilliantly depicts the subtleties of class conflict,
economic standing, personal character, and reputation as they pertain to
romance, courtship, marriage, family, social justice, and personal happiness.
Jane Austen provides a masterful and amusing commentary on nineteenth-
century social mores and conventions, a commentary that has remarkable
resonance to this day. Whether ...

Nineteenth Century Literature Criticism

Author: Russel Whitaker
Publisher: Gale
ISBN: 9780787686369
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Excerpts from Criticism of the Works of Nineteenth-Century Novelists, Poets,
Playwrights, Short-Story Writers, & Other Creative Writers Russel Whitaker. ingly
in her discussion of Much Ado About Nothing. She describes the scene where
Beatrice orders Benedict to kill Claudio as having a "comic effect," for she thinks
that Beatrice, as a good, virtuous woman, must surely be joking. Jameson divides
Shakespeare's heroines into four types: characters of intellect, characters of
passion and ...

America History And Life

Author: American Bibliographical Center
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The concept serves as the foundation of Hawthorne's fiction in that heretics are
represented as exceptional individuals and subversives who are invariably
defeated by the overwhelming forces of orthodoxy. Based mainly on Hawthorne's
writings and secondary sources; 22 notes. W. H. Hoffman 38:4680 1852 Miller,
BLITHEDALE. Nineteenth-Century Literature 2000 55(1): 1-21. The Blithedale
Romance (1852) ...

University Press Books For Secondary School Libraries

ISBN: 9780838963234
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The New Oxford Book of American Verse, 58 EMERSON, EVERETT, ed. Letters
From New England: The Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1629-1638, 92 ENARSON,
HAROLD L. A Trip to the People's Republic of China: The Great Adventure, 74
ENGLE, ELOISE and ARNOLD S. LOTT. America's Maritime Heritage, 27 ... The
Faces of Eve: Women in the Nineteenth Century American Novel, 62
GALLAGHER, J. ROSWELL and HERBERT I. HARRIS. Emotional Problems of
Adolescents, ...

Historical Abstracts

Author: Eric H. Boehm
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Although the 1620's are widely viewed as a period of "calm and consensus" in
the Church of England during the early reign of Charles I, the reactions illustrate
the "deep-seated apprehensions of imminent crisis, upheaval and conflict"
prevalent ... Presents, against the background of the evolving status of stage
actresses in Britain during the early 19th century, an interpretation of Frances
Burney's little-regarded but significant novel The Wanderer ( 1 8 1 4), a
profoundly ambiguous ...