Author: Lydia Pyne
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With a shrewd eye toward this particular moment in the history of books, Pyne takes the reader on a tour of the bookshelf that leads critically to this juncture: amid rumors of the death of book culture, why is the life of the bookshelf in ...


Author: Donald R. Prothero
Publisher: Columbia University Press
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Decades of hard work in the field by hundreds of scientists has turned up
thousands of hominid fossils (fig. 15.2), including a few good skeletons and many
good skulls that show clearly how humans have evolved over 7 million years.
This avalanche of ... Many other museums in Africa, Europe, and Asia have
similar large collections of our early ancestors, so there are lots of fossils to work
with now (and even more ideas about how to interpret them, which is a good
thing in science).

The Jesuit And The Skull

Author: Amir D. Aczel
Publisher: Riverhead Books (Hardcover)
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Teilhard de Chardin, Evolution, and the Search for Peking Man Amir D. Aczel. the
American anthropologist Theodore McCown, who ... These were of anatomically
modern humans. Some researchers have hypothesized that the two caves and
their fossils demonstrate that Neanderthals and modern humans interbred in this
part of the world. ... There they found seven skeletons of anatomically modern
humans similar to those from Skhul. Further excavation at Qafzeh revealed
additional ...

Epic Of Evolution

Author: Lola Judith Chaisson
Publisher: Columbia University Press
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Seven Ages of the Cosmos Lola Judith Chaisson ... The prevailing view that the A
. africanus and afarensis species were on the evolutionary path linking modern
humans and whatever ancestry we share with the apes is certainly instructive but,
even if valid in every respect, it simply pushes the basic question at hand ...
Though these bones are comparable in size to those of modern chimpanzees,
their dental features resemble other hominids more than either fossilized or living

Fossil Revolution

Author: Douglas Palmer
Publisher: Collins
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Entitled Antiquites celtiques et ante diluviennes, it contained detailed
descriptions and illustrations of the distinctive, pear-shaped flints (which came to
be known as Acheulian handaxes) and the fossils bones they were associated
with. ... 1 7 skeletons. The remains were promptly reburied in the local cemetery
because they looked like modern human skeletons. News of the find attracted
Edouard Lartet. In 1860 he excavated the cave floor and found more isolated
human bones along ...

Paleontology And Geology Of Laetoli Human Evolution In Context

Author: Terry Harrison
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Members of the Carnivora are known from both the Lower and Upper Laetolil
Beds, as well as from the Upper Ndolanya Beds. Of these, the Upper Laetolil
Beds are best sampled, and the material includes a minimum of 28 species of
Carnivora (four Canidae, three Mustelidae, three Viverridae, six Herpestidae, five
Hyaenidae, and seven Felidae). Many of the smaller Carnivora species include
complete or partial skeletons and whole, undamaged crania, suggesting rapid
burial and ...

World Archaeology Volume 7

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The most important potential applications of amino acid racemization dating will
surely be in the field of paleo-anthropology. Examples of this are the aspartic acid
racemization dates of 40,000 years or greater suggested for North American
paleo- indian skeletons. Because racemization dating can be used to date bones
which are too old for radiocarbon dating, the technique can be used to provide
direct age estimates for a previously undatable period of human evolution. Also ...

Archaeology 98 99

Author: Linda L. Hasten
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Dushkin
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There were more than twenty-seven skeletons — an unusually large Folsom kill
— and most were still intact. The hunters left behind many of their spearpoints still
embedded in the bisons' flesh. McJunkin's bone pit was one of the most important
archeological discoveries made in America, and it caused a permanent shift in
the prevailing paradigm. All of a sudden, archeologists had another 7,000 years
of human history to account for. The find also made the search for early
Americans ...