Sources Of The Self

Author: Charles Taylor
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521429498
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Charles Taylor's latest book sets out to define the modern identity by tracing its genesis.

The Making Of The Modern Self

Author: Dror Wahrman
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300121391
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C. Taylor, Sources of the Self: The Making of the Modern Identity, Cambridge,
1989, p. 375. C. Siskin, The Historicity of Romantic Discourse, Oxford, 1988, p. 3;
for Siskin, indeed, “development” itself, as the ultimate mode of enhancement of
one's inner self, was a historically specific notion that emerged in the late
eighteenth century. Thomas Reid, Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man,
Edinburgh, 1785, cited in Martin and Barresi, Naturalization of the Soul, p. 129. C.
Steedman ...

Charles Taylor

Author: Ruth Abbey
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521805223
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Written by a team of international authorities, this collection will be read primarily by students and professionals in philosophy, political science, religious studies, but will appeal to a broad swathe of professionals across the ...

Modern Social Imaginaries

Author: Charles Taylor
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822332930
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DIVAn accounting of the varying forms of social imaginary that have underpinned the rise of Western modernity./div "Charles Taylor presents a fundamental challenge to neoliberal apologists for the new world order--but not only to them.

A Philosophy Of Nationhood And The Modern Self

Author: Michal Rozynek
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 113759506X
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On the contrary, the modern self developed in a dialogue with traditional sources
of order. See: Jerrold Siegel, The Idea of the Self: Thought and Experience in
Western Europe Since the Seventeenth Century, Cambridge, Cambridge
University Press, 2005, especially, pp. 55–58. I explain in the later sections that
this alleged independence of the self is unsustainable. Charles Taylor, Sources
of the Self. The Making of the Modern Identity, Cambridge, Harvard University
Press, 1989, p.

Theology And Conversation

Author: Jacques Haers
Publisher: Peeters Publishers
ISBN: 9789042913882
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The focal text for this essay is the final chapter of Charles Taylor's Sources of the
Self: The Making of the Modern Identity, which he has titled "The Conflicts of
Modernity" (Chapter 25), I shall argue that this chapter, in ways that are at once
provocative and richly allusive - yet also fragmentary and frustratingly elusive -
has embedded within it resources for a spirituality appropriate to a culture
standing on the cusp between modernity and post-modernity. The confines of this
essay do not ...

The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia Of Philosophers In America

Author: John R. Shook
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472570561
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Both these aspects of Taylor's approach to philosophical anthropology – the
perennial and the culture-dependent – are illustrated clearly in Sources of the
Self: The Making of the Modern Identity. He outlines the features that he takes to
be constitutive of human selfhood, and identifies the distinctively modern aspects
of the self and traces the ways in which these have developed over the centuries.
This is not a straightforward task, because one of the things Taylor emphasises is
the ...

Human Identity At The Intersection Of Science Technology And Religion

Author: Dr Christopher C Knight
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409481174
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In his monumental Sources of the Self he describes conceptions of human
identity from Plato through the modern era.28 He defines "modern identity" as "
the ensemble of (largely unarticulated) understandings of what it is to be a
human agent: the senses of inwardness, freedom, individuality, and [of] being
embedded in nature which are at home in ... reflect on the fact of our own
inwardness — making the quest for an account of human identity inevitable from
the time of Descartes on.

Aquinas And Sartre

Author: Stephen Wang
Publisher: CUA Press
ISBN: 0813215765
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On Freedom, Personal Identity, and the Possibility of Happiness Stephen Wang.
COnClusIOn There are a number of ways of characterizing the shifts in human
sensibility and self-understanding that have occurred in the West in the modern
period. in his much-discussed book Sources of the Self Charles taylor argues that
in our late modern or postmodern era we are unable to justify the constitutive
goods we seek because we have lost an ability to trust in the es- tablished moral
orders ...