Still Ours To Lead

Author: Bruce D. Jones
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
ISBN: 0815725132
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In Still Ours to Lead, Jones tells a nuanced story of American leadership. He artfully examines the tension between the impulse to rival the United States and the incentives for restraint and cooperation among the rising powers.

Big Bets And Black Swans 2014

Author: Ted Piccone
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
ISBN: 0815726066
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His latest book, Still Ours to Lead, will be published by Brookings Institution Press
in March 2014. Robert Kagan is a senior fellow in Foreign Policy at Brookings.
His most recent book is the New York Times bestseller, The World America Made
(Knopf, 2012). Kagan serves as a member of the Secretary of State's Foreign
Affairs Policy Board and is co-chairman of the bipartisan Working Group on Egypt
. He writes a monthly column on world affairs for the Washington Post, and is a ...

The G 20 Summit At Five

Author: Kemal Dervis
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
ISBN: 0815725922
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Office of the Press Secretary. White House, September 6. Jones, Bruce. 2014.Still
Ours to Lead: America, Rising Powers, and the Tension between Rivalry and
Restraint. Brookings. Jones, Bruce, and others. 2012. “Perspectives on the G-20
Foreign Ministers'Meeting.” Brookings. Kharas, Homi. 2010. “The Emerging
Middle Class in Developing Countries.” Working Paper 285. OECD Development
Center. Kirkegaard, Jacob. 2012. “Did the G20 Help the Eurozone.” Interview 88
bruce ...

The Obama Doctrine

Author: Colin Dueck
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190202645
Size: 60.76 MB
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Irwin, Douglas. Free Trade under Fire. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press,
2009. Joffe, Josef. The Myth of America's Decline. New York: Liveright, 2013.
Joffe, Josef, and James Davis. “Less Than Zero.” Foreign Affairs 90:1 (January–
February 2011). Jones, Bruce. Still Ours to Lead. Washington, DC: Brookings
Institution Press, 2014. Jones, Gregory. “Facing the Reality of Iran as a De Facto
Nuclear State.” Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, March 22, 2012. Jones,

Christianity In The Modern State

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If any teachings or ceremonies of ours lead men to assume that we are a
privileged mediatorial class, which we arc not, — if they are meant to
metamorphose a function which is but representative, into one which is vicarial,
— if they foster an ... and still less as the Church, but only with it, — if we claim no
priesthood but that which may indeed be our own, " the priesthood of moral
holiness, the priesthood of apostolic self-denial," then what we lose in
superstitious reverence we shall gain ...

Proceedings Grand Council Of Royal And Select Masters Of The State Of New York

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Still I think some of our verbiage might be stricken out without detriment. “ In
Companion CORBON'S report on Foreign Correspondence, I see he considers
us as Ephraims joined to our idols; and I have been told that Indiana was one of
the principal stumbling-blocks in the way of unanimity at the Convention. “ We
must deny any altars to the unknown god: we worship but one, the living and true
—our Supreme Architect, and willingly admit that other roads than ours lead to
the desired ...

Proceedings Of The Annual Assembly Of Grand Council

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We must deny any altars to the unknown god; we worship but one—the living and
true—our Supreme Architect, and willingly admit that other roads than ours, lead
to the desired haven, of rest, and are still willing to recommend and adopt any
road that will lead us clear of the absurd ideas of the latter days, as shown in
some of the exoteric work given at that convention. Faith and works will carry us
all, by the same old landmarks, to the last arch, and admit us to the Supreme
Council ...

The Napolead

Author: Thomas Hedges Genin
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That town will still be ours, though now we see De Tolly thither come involv'd in
dust. Bagration too has reach'd th' endanger'd point. 'O! ere their coming had its
walls been storm'd Successfully, and Ney got aught but wounds! But now we
have them, if not, hope deceives. Murat! in yonder glade the horse retain; There
wait my pleasure, when the headlong charge Of snorting steeds, shall swell the
battle's roar. Davoust? in quadrate lead our centre up Yon eminence, there left-
deploying ...

Congressional Record

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... and that lead is still ours. We have now had four men on the surface of the
moon—they have had none. We have returned 123 pounds of lunar material—
they have returned 3 or 4 ounces. We brought together the best of our manned
and unmanned capabilities when our astronauts emplaced an automated station
on the moon that has now sent back scientific information for more than a year:
we have gained an enormous amount of information about the moon, about its
structure ...