Strange But True

Author: Monica-Maria Stapelberg
Publisher: Crux Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1909979139
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This book is a must read for a curious mind!

Heads Of An Analysis Of The History Of Greece

Author: Dawson William Turner
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the deeds of known, recognised, bodily men, not figments of the poet's fancy ;
and having their real subjects on whom they ... that the bards would desert the
beaten track of tradition to lead their heroes into strange and absolutely unknown
paths ? ... it would endure every kind of addition and embellishment — all but the
least elements of veracity might disappear. ... Popular belief, popular traditions,
popular worship, national monuments, would thus commemorate, not the real
event, but ...

Create Your Own Religion

Author: Daniele Bolelli
Publisher: Red Wheel Weiser
ISBN: 1609258665
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It is true that a strange twist of fate has pushed me into an academic career
teaching university courses on the history of religion as well as a few other
subjects. It is also true that in these pages you will find references to individuals
and practices from many religious traditions that may not exactly be common
knowledge to those readers who have better things to do than pore through
impossibly thick volumes on the topic. But make no mistake about it—this is not
an academic work.

Handbook Of Hyper Real Religions

Author: Adam Possamai
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004218815
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... attests to a growing scholarly interest in new religions that incorporate popular
fiction into their beliefs and practices. ... robert a. heinlein's science fiction novel
Stranger in a Strange Land (1961), but its practice also includes pagan elements.

Criteria Of Discernment In Interreligious Dialogue

Author: Catherine Cornille
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630874418
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... true or false, interesting or banal, valuable or futile, admirable or repulsive,
appealing or strange in the other religion. Such judgments have been operative
consciously or unconsciously, implicitly or explicitly throughout the history of ...
and practices from other religions, often without acknowledging their source, as
well as in the long history of religious apologetics. ... particular beliefs and values,
but insofar as dialogue aims at least in part at enriching one's understanding of
the truth, ...

A Critical And Chronological History Of The Rise Progress Declension And Rivival Of Knowledge Chiefly Y Religious

Author: Henry Winder
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But as Noah was a Person of such conspicuous Piety and Virtue, we may
assuredly conclude, that he would see all the rising Generation carefully
instructed in the Principles of Religion. ... —The Patriarch could give the History
of the Creation, and first State of Mankind, their original Happiness, and their Fall
from it, by finning against God; ... It is true indeed that these Faëts were properly
but Tradition to Arphaxad, and all the young Generations; they must take their
Father's Words for it, ...

Religious Diversity And American Religious History

Author: Walter H. Conser
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 9780820319186
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Studies in Traditions and Cultures Walter H. Conser, Sumner B. Twiss ...
DONALD G. MATHEWS For students of American religion(s), the South remains
strange and uncharted territory. ... complained that religion betrayed thousands in
the late nineteenth century by turning their attention away from real, that is,
political, ... The entire history of religion in the South is the history of social action
and solidarity.

The Classical Marxist Critiques Of Religion Marx Engels Lenin Kautsky

Author: D.B. McKown
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401016062
Size: 19.56 MB
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attributed to both,” but in saying that “the 'true religion' of the ancients was the cult
of 'their nationality',” he could have had ... If so, that would constitute a second
common characteristic. Marx assumed that the history of the East appeared as a
history of religion because of “the absence of private ... And this strange
combination of Italy and of Ireland, of a world of voluptuousness and of a world of
woes, ...

The New American Cyclopaedia

Author: George RIPLEY
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But in order to satisfy his desire, he sent him from the lower regions the beautiful
Greek Helena as a concubine. ... All that is related of his wonderful magical
powers has formed part of popular tradition for centuries before his time. ... Karl
Rosenkranz says : " The popular history of Dr. Faust is merely a combination of a
number of fables, all turning upon the ... German) a " True History of the Horrid
and Execrable Sins and Vices, also of many Miraculous and passing strange
Adventures, ...

Heaven S Gate

Author: George D. Chryssides
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9780754663744
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Postmodernity and Popular Culture in a Suicide Group George D. Chryssides.
Chapter. 4. Religious. Studies. and. “Heaven's. Gate. Making. the. Strange.
Familiar. and. the. Familiar. Strange. :9, Mark W. Muesse With the ... But simply
characterizing the group that way, I suggest, is both too easy and potentially
hazardous. Tempting though it may be, we should not make Heaven's Gate so
strange, so exotic that we lose sight of the ways the group's beliefs and practices
are not that far ...