Swipe Right

Author: Levi Lusko
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 0718035836
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Praise for Swipe Right “It’s my hope that whoever reads this will have their thoughts of the heart as seriously provoked as mine have been.” —Ryan Good Producer, writer, and entrepreneur “It’s a perspective I believe we need now ...

ISBN: 9789749601655
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Gleason S Monthly Companion

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It would have die. out for want of a motive power to keep its machinery go1ng. ...
She gave a very romantic version of the affair—enough to draw tears from eyes
all unused to the melting mood; and as we never want ... Mr. Phipps called at
Miss Parker's, six weeks after his wife's death, to borrow a pail of meal, and Miss
Parker detained him a couple of hours condoling with him on his loss, and
wondering what would become of those dear, darling children l And when old
Phipps paid the ...

Modern British Literature

Author: Laurie Di Mauro
Publisher: Saint James Press
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He seems attuned to the astounding energies of life itself; and this is why his
prose frequently has the intensity and strong momentum of a poetry whose
primary impulse is wonder, admiration and praise. ... O'Flaherty concentrate on
the extreme moments of life and death, but he also writes largely about the
extreme age groups, old people and children, flung off to the antipode of Europe
and gripped by basic and extreme impulses such as hunger, hatred, greed, and
sexual passion.

The New York Times Book Review

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Charles rolo, Atlantic "If, for example, what gives Balzac part of his force is a
vision of the 'truth of money' in our society, so, in Moravia, it is the 'truth of sex'
which helps to make the art that has gone into Tito Adolescents so persuasive
and so moving."— Alfred ha yes, N. Y. Herald Tribune "Each a distinguished story
in its own right: together, as counterparts, as companion pieces, they comprise a
masterpiece. With this book one can afford to be blunt; it is, quite simply, beautiful
."— mark ...

The Library Journal Book Review

Author: R.R. Bowker Company
ISBN: 9780835209694
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F Katie's not goin' anywhere right now, but her turn will come. Amidst the chaos ...
When her first lover goes off to war, Katie works in a war factory and later a USO
club, both sources of available men and finds out that there is more to life than
sex. The novel's ... $6.95. F Centered around Josey Wales, rebel outlaw, and
filled with both fictional and historical, stock characters, this novel is dominated by
its plot, which includes gunfights, desperate flights from the authorities, and a
romantic ...

The P T A Magazine

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Bedazzled — -In this sly, satiric film a bored short-order cook sells his soul to
Satan in exchange for fulfillment of his romantic dreams. Adults. March. "Berserk"
... Bye Bye Brovermon — -Four Jewish intellectuals find in the death of a friend a
small death of their own. Of limited appeal. ... How To Save a Marriage and Ruin
Your Life — -A light, sophisticated comedy about an unhappily married executive,
a case of mistaken identity, and the power of a woman scorned. Adults and
mature ...

Halliwell S Film Guide 2008

Author: HarperCollins UK
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
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best picture Le Grand Jeu * France 1934 115m bw Films de France A young man
joins the Foreign Legion to forget a woman, meets another who reminds him of
her, and is condemned to death for murdering the second woman's lover. ...
Christian de TiUiere 'Photographed for the most part in unforgettable scenery,
and acted with convincing delicacy and charm, it carries a real poetic power and
retains an amazing amount of the original's intensely romantic quality of loss and
fragile ...

Time Out Film Guide

Author: Tom Milne
Publisher: Time Out
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Nathan Juran. m Alfred Newman, cast Tyrone Power. Gene Tierney, John Payne.
... If only she and Paul, who has his own tormentors, could sort out their mutual
wariness and their very different attitudes to life, they might savour some sweet
revenge. Audiard's exquisitely ... The plot has more than its share of wit and
clever twists, there's insightful stuff involving voyeurism, shifts in power and point
of view, and the sexual -romantic side is sensibly understated. And Devos and
Cassel are ...