Practical Ideas For Teaching Writing As A Process

Author: Carol B. Olson
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 0788127187
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Word. Processor. By Russell Frank English and Journalism Teacher, Chaparral
Middle School, Walnut Valley Unified School District; and Teacher/ Consultant,
UCI Writing Project I remember the drudgery of learning how to write as a child —
of painfully scratching out letter after letter with sore, tender red fingers.
Meanwhile, my mind raced ahead of my hand, and, as a result, only I could
interpret the scrawl left on the page. There had to be a better way. My typing
ability quickened my ...

Computers In The Writing Classroom

Author: Dave Moeller
Publisher: National Council of Teachers
ISBN: 9780814108284
Size: 43.88 MB
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This book presents teachers with a framework for helping them help students achieve this success.

Learning To Write Differently

Author: Marilyn Cochran-Smith
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780893917623
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Together Bev and her children explored the capabilities of the word processors
and the children's capabilities as writers. Her tongue-in-cheek remark early in the
first year of the project, "I guess when they get bored with playing with it I'll teach
them to do something with it," betrayed her uncertainty about appropriate uses of
word processing in a kindergarten writing program. There were no
preestablished routines for teaching writing and no clear expectations about how
much writing ...


Author: Mike Palmquist
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781567503524
Size: 59.65 MB
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Teaching Writing in Computer-supported and Traditional Classrooms Mike
Palmquist. Dowling, C. (1994). Word processing and the ongoing difficulty of
writing. Computers and Composition, 11(3), 221. Ha wisher, G.E. (1986). Studies
in word processing. Computers and Composition, 4 (1), 6- 31. Hawisher, G.E. (
1988). Research update: Writing and word processing. Computers and
Composition, 5(2), 7-28. Hawisher, G.E. (1989). Computers and writing: Where's
the research? English ...

Using Educational Technology With At Risk Students

Author: Roxanne Mendrinos
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313293696
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Teacher commitment to word processing is crucial if it is to be successful. This
commitment includes the time the students will need to learn how to use the word
processor. The library media specialist may provide this instruction. The teacher
and the library media specialists can decide when and how it is best to give
instruction. Having students learn word-processing skills while they are writing or
revising is an intrusion on the writing process and may reduce the effect of
technology on ...

Computers And The Teaching Of Writing In American Higher Education 1979 1994

Author: Gail E. Hawisher
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 1567502520
Size: 27.39 MB
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However, the book is also theoretical: Selfe urges English teachers to consider
pedagogical theory as they develop CAI. "If CAI is to be useful in a writing
program," she wrote, "it must be informed by the same theoretical assumptions
that underlie the teaching within [the] program" (p. 5). Williamson (personal
correspondence, August 19, 1994) noted that "by a generous margin," Dawn and
Raymond Rodrigues' (1986) Teaching Writing with a Word Processor, Grades 7-
13 was NCTE's ...