New York Theatre Critics Reviews

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Highland. Fling'. Has. Scottish. Spooks. but. Isn't. Awfully. Funny. By JOHN
CHAPMAN NEVER in your life did you see anything as determinedly Scotch as "
A Highland Fling," which opened last night at the Plymouth. Everybody worked at
it — the ... takes a pixie slant. A love angle in which the loony girl is reclaimed for
this sane world does not jell, and l left the theatre thinking she'd have had more
fun if she'd stayed crazy. Miss Curtis is most gentle and appealing as the
unhinged one.

The New York Times Theater Reviews

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The woebegone tailor (Richard Bey) is charmless, yet he is supposed to warm
our hearts and win Miss Kalish's favor. When Miss Kallsh (Cynthia Harris) tells
him that he is "funny," we wonder about her sense of humor. The dialogue veers
from the trivial to the pretentious, as in the actress's statement, "I am a cloud, I
bring unhappi- ness wherever I go. " Mr. Bey spends a good part of the evening
garbed in unsightly underwear. In the play's most ill-conceived moment, he — still
in ...

Jegp Journal Of English And Germanic Philology

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the finest extant readings of Muiopotmos — a poem Heninger likes as more
Sidneian than most. ... Heninger reads Sidney's "pregnant Images of life" (Fulke
Greville's phrase) as very modern texts. ... In Heninger's reading it is easy to
identify with the morally problematic characters: they are funny and very human,
not least because of Sidney's stern Calvinistic narrator whose "wholesale and
inaccurate condemnation of [for instance] Gynecia only increases our sympathy
for her" (p. 435).

Der Nachtmanager

Author: John le Carré
Publisher: Ullstein eBooks
ISBN: 384370855X
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Alle Romane von John le Carré jetzt als E-Book! - Zu Beginn ist Jonathan Pine nur der Nachtmanager in einem Luxushotel.

Country Life Illustrated

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And then, when the pheasants begin to come within shot, he will find that though
thev may pass straight over his head vertically, yet the flight of these birds
swinging down the combe sides and rounding their angles is never for a moment
to be described as straight, in any plane, but is always on a most perplexing slant
, so that it requires a special training to bring the birds to the ground. It is these
pheasants, the pheasant in its finest possibilities, that we claim to be harder of
shooting ...

Kliatt Young Adult Paperback Book Guide

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In these 20-some vignettes Alexie mixes the grim with the comic to give a young
Native American's slant on life in the late 20th century. The narratives, many ...
What the book offers is a window into a world of memory without hope. It's
sometimes ... Angle. Fawcett, Juniper. 170p. 18cm. 94-94407. C1994. 0-449-
70440-8. $3.99. JS Angie is a 16-year-old teenager on the outside. She is funny,
cute and fights with her sisters. Her parents strive to keep her normal and insist
she take difficult ...

Sight And Sound

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Nick: In all our music videos we like to make things that will be seen by as many
people as possible. We went into this in the same way; we were fans of Adams'
original, but we're not purists. The project's been in development some time now
and involved several US directors, including Jay Roach. Is there something
peculiarly British about the humour? Garth: Well, Douglas lived nearby, so it's
weird he went all the way to America to work on the film and now it's ended up
getting made ...

The New York Times Book Review

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His book is the quick self-portrait of a warm, funny, rueful, cheerful, loving,
believing creative man. He wrote it in hotel rooms, dressing rooms and odd
corners on several continents, using the sterile waste spaces of a touring
entertainer's life to reflect on the world as it looks to him. "I can't really believe in
the form of the world that is shown to me, as though the form is a shadow of
something else I am seeking. A twist, an angle, some aura of the thing is a reality,
not the thing itself — that's ...

The Listener

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rHE Day Before is a variation of the theme which Mr. Tomlinson treated in All Our
Yesterdays, and deals with the last of those yesterdays, which ended when a
shot was fired at Sarajevo. The world he describes is quite gone ; there are no
young men now quite like Clem Venner, no newspaper quite like the Morning
Echo, no strikers quite like the London Dock strikers. Brightness has fallen from
the air, or at least a carelessness which was like a double assurance of life : no
one ...

World S Press News And Advertisers Review

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Newspaperman's slant Robert Waithman's News Chronicle article appealed to
me. It was written from the newspaperman's slant — what would all present and
past Hearst employees be thinking as they heard of their chiefs passing? " You
may picture them, lonely souls bitting on high stools at bars, drinking a last toast
to The Chief. " Ah, he was a character (they will be saying). He may have been a
little crazy and a lot of his ideas never would bear any close examination, but he
made ...