The Big Book Of X Bombers X Fighters

Author: Steve Pace
Publisher: Zenith Press
ISBN: 0760351422
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Specifications included for each aircraft include: Length Height Wingspan Empty weight Gross weight Maximum range Ceiling Maximum speed Armament In addition, veteran aviation author Steve Pace shows readers some of the designs that could ...

The New International Year Book

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AVIATION in low-speed flight, to study the effects of aerodynamic heating on
structures in high-speed flight, and to investigate the potential advantage to be
gained from the jet-flap principle, respectively. ... program dating back to 1944
and the backlog of experience with supersonic fighters and bombers provide
much of the required flight information. ... Robert M. White, USAF, Hew the X-15A
equipped with the adaptive flight control system (X-15-3) to 314,750 ft. during one
of the ...

The Guinness Book Of Records

Author: Alan Russell
ISBN: 9780851128689
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138 Aircraft Heaviest The highest recorded gross take-off weight has been 379.9
tons 386,0 tonnes in the case of a Boeing 747-200B 'Jumbo' jet during
certification tests of its Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7Q engines on 23 May 1979. ...
Bombers Heaviest The world's heaviest bomber is the eight-jet swept-wing
Boeing B-52H Stratofortress, which has a maximum .... first time (after
modification from X- 1 5A) on 25 June 1 964 powered by a liquid oxygen and
ammonia rocket propulsion system.

The Guinness Book Of Records 1991

Author: Donald McFarlan
ISBN: 9780851123745
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The greatest passenger load recorded was one of 306 adults, 328 children and
40 babies (total 674) from the ... The largest ever British aircraft was the
experimental Bristol Type 167 Brabazon, which had a maximum take-off weight
of ... The four-jet Super VC10, the last design constructed by Vickers, weighed
149-.5 tons and had a wing span of 4455m 146ft Win. .... (after modification from
X-15A) on 25 Jun 1964 powered by a liquid oxygen and ammonia rocket
propulsion system.

The New International Year Book

Author: Frank Moore Colby
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The Air Force supported its position by contending that tactical aircraft support
was only one of its prime missions and that it would not be ... Admiral Fechteler
supported the Army position by saying, "Neither the great improvements of the
past nor those of the ... predicted with reasonable confidence that air power
plentifully armed with atomic weapons may, through the precision bombing ... It
was considered possible that the X-3 would combine several types of power for
its propulsion.

Britannica Book Of The Year

Author: Franklin Henry Hooper
Size: 19.43 MB
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KEFAUVER COMMITTEE — KIM IL. 398 model of the Boeing B-47. General
Electric had two new versions of its J47 engine, both referred to as all-weather
jets. The J47-GE-17 had an afterburner, a high-altitude starting system and anti-
icing and electronic controls; thrust was in the 7,500- 8,000-lb. class. ... The
Ashton was a high-altitude research aircraft, developed from the Tudor 8 four-jet
experimental transport.

Collier S Year Book Covering The Year

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The IGY took place during a period of maximum solar activity with many huge
solar flares disturbing the solar system ... These included $40.082 million for 2;
exploratory projects in nuclear weapons and effects, nuclear propulsion, and ...
Some Si; million was asked for work on development of a nuclear-ramjet-
powered low-altitude missile (Project Pluto and SLAM). ... Reports circulating for
almost a year that the USAF X-2O Dyna-Soar research plane was to be canceled
finally proved ...

International Aerospace Abstracts

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USAF-supported research A simulation approach is developed to study hot flow
subsonic cross-stream fuel injection ... Experiments for the simulated case were
conducted using chilled Freon-12 injected into a 23 x 23 cm blow-down wind
tunnel ... The book is divided into three parts the theory underlying electric drive
in aircraft, electrical control systems in aircraft, and ... the Air Force Advanced
Turbine Engine Gas Generator, the application to fighter and bomber designs of
augmented ...

Aerospace Engineering

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FF-3 The Penetration of a Fluid Surface by a Wedge — Experimental Towing
Tank, Stevens Inst, of Tech. ... 126 External Sound Levels of Aircraft — R. L. Field.
... (8) The Development of Jet Fighters and Fighter Bombers, W. Green. ...
exception, the chapters in this book, which is intended to give a professional
review of the current investigations of the U.S. Air Force ... 1-50 3.00 FF-11
Rocket Propulsion Systems for Interplanetary Flight — George P. Sut- ton, 1959
Mlnta Martin Lecture.

Aeronautical Engineering

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Air Force [AD-A140837] p 737 N84-27610 The Enforcer aircraft program: A lower
-cost alternative weapon system ... Augustine's laws and major system
development programs — Book p 146 A64-14304 Government liability under the
Federal ... for a fighter aircraft p 195 AS4-17207 Aeroeiastic flutter and
divergence of stiffness coupled. graphrte/epoxy cantJIevered ... An X-band array
signal processing radar for tracking targets at low elevation angles p 34 A64-