The Centrist Manifesto

Author: Charles Wheelan
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393347133
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Wheelan—who not only lectures on public policy but practices it as well (he ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2009)—brings even more than his usual wit and clarity of vision to The Centrist Manifesto.

The Labour Monthly

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The manifesto which was unanimously passed by the Congress is a typical
production of Continental Marxism of the " centrist " type. It begins by
emphasising the fact that Capitalism has recovered from its crisis since the
revolutionary period of 191 7 — 19, and, contrary to the Communist view, holds
that it is strengthening and consolidating itself. For the weakness of the
proletarian parties through the world this Centrist manifesto lays the charge at the
doors of the Reformists, on the ...

Poetry Of The Revolution

Author: Martin Puchner
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691122601
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These remarks were but early warnings that there was something seriously
wrong with the geography envisioned in the Manifesto. In fact, the entire history of
communism belied the Manifesto's industrio-centrist geography, for the great
communist revolutions happened not in the most advanced industrial nations,
such as Great Britain or Germany, but in "backward" ones, such as Russia or
China and in the colonies. Indeed, everyone who struggled with the historicity of
the Manifesto, ...

Islam Without Fear

Author: Raymond William Baker
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674020450
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I his book tells the story of a group of centrist Islamist intellectuals who call
themselves the "New Islamist Trend." They think of their intellectual school as an
outgrowth of the centrist Islamic mainstream, or Wassatteyya. The group is driven
by a positive, mainstream ... Because of adverse political conditions, however,
the manifesto was not published until 1 99 1 by its primary author, Kamal Abul
Magd, an internationally known constitutional lawyer. The book, entitled A
Contemporary ...

Political Parties And Democracy

Author: T. Inoguchi
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137277203
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In1993 about halfora little more of the manifestos were devoted to issues in these
two broad fields in four ofthefive parties (the proportion waseven oftwo thirds
inthe caseofthe UDF—where themanifesto was the shortest, however); only
underaquarter of the manifesto of the FN was devoted to issues of this type.
Overall, in 1993, the programmatic “supply” waslimited. Someprograms remained
unnoticed, notably that of theSocialists:there was no longerconfrontation asin the

The Italian Difference

Author: Lorenzo Chiesa
ISBN: 0980666546
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Lorenzo Chiesa and Alberto Toscano A decade and a half ago, Massimo D'
Alema, then leader of the Partito Democratico della Sinistra, the successor to the
Italian Communist Party (since dissolved, after a number of acronymic
transformations, into the centrist Partito Democratico), wrote a 'manifesto' entitled
Un paese normale, a normal country. In the present panorama of cultural,
economic and political 'desolation',1 that melancholy post-communist programme
—Italy's secure ...

Daily Report West Europe

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Center Party Youth in Revolt 36170091 Helsinki HELSINGIN SANOMAT in
Finnish 13 May 89 p A9 [Commentary by Pekka Ervasti: "Center Party Youth
Threaten Their Party With Liberalism — and an Election Boycott"; first paragraph
is HELSINGIN SANOMAT introduction] [Text] In their manifesto they are
demanding more liberalism in former Agrarian League programs. Become
liberals, all Finnish Centrists — you have nothing to lose but your shackles! This
is how Centrist youths' ...

Leon Trotsky And The Organizational Principles Of The Revolutionary Party

Author: Dianne Feeley
Publisher: Haymarket Books
ISBN: 1608464555
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The Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels, directly aimed against all types of
utopian-sectarian socialism, forcefully points out that Communists do not oppose
themselves to the actual workers' movements but participate in them as a
vanguard. At the same time the Manifesto was the program of a new party,
national and international. The sectarian is content with a program, as a recipe
for salvation. The centrist guides himself by the famous (essentially meaningless)
formula of ...

Manifesto Of The Fourth International On The Imperialist War And The Proletarian Revolution

Author: Fourth International. Emergency Conference
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ferent origin will merge, break up, create new "fronts," "camps," etc. Our epoch
will disclose, however, that it finds centrism intolerable. The pathetic and tragic
role played in the Spanish revolution by the POUM, the most serious and honest
of the centrist organizations, will always remain in the memory of the advanced
proletariat as a terrible warning. But history is fond of repetitions. The possibility is
not excluded of new attempts to build an international organization on the pattern
of the ...