The Christian Husband

Author: Bob Lepine
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441266550
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FamilyLife Today cohost Bob Lepine takes men deeper into what it means to be a Christlike husband.

Ephesians Through Revelation

Author: Warren W. Wiersbe
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 9781564760319
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This does not mean that a Christian wife "gives in" to her unsaved husband in
order to subtly manipulate him and get him to do what she desires. This kind of
selfish psychological persuasion ought never to be found in a Christian's heart or
home. An unsaved husband will not be converted by preaching or nagging in the
home. The phrase "without the word" does not mean "without the Word of God,"
because salvation comes through the Word (John 5:24). It means "without talk,
without ...

The R C Sproul Collection Volume 2 Essential Truths Of The Christian Faith Now That S A Good Question

Author: R.C. Sproul
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 1496425545
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nagging their husbands. The most significant thing a woman can do if her
husband is not a Christian is to be the most godly wife she can possibly be to that
man. I knew a teenage boy who came into my study and announced that he had
assumed for himself the role of the spiritual leader of the house because his
father was not a Christian. Since his father had neglected the responsibility of
being the priest of the home, this young man said that he believed the mantle had
fallen upon ...

The Industry Of The Husbandman And The Willing Work Of The Christian

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But bless the Lord O Christian, He is sufficient, therefore cast your trembling fears
and cares upon Him : Pray to Him and he shall hear in Heaven; ask and you shall
receive grace for grace ; faith, hope, love in the hour of your contest with the
world j' perfect in weakness. The Christian has much business to do as a parent,
child, husband, master servant or friend; a friend not only to friends but enemies. .
Neither can he be a Christian that has not respect to' every command also, and is

The Christian Universalist

Author: Edward Mitchell
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(Then addressing the bridegroom and bride:) There are certain duties which
belong to the character of husband and of wife, which we esteem it the duty of
every Christian minister clearly to state, and to receive from the parties entering
into this holy union, their explicit declaration, that they will discharge these duties,
each to the other, before such minister is justified in joining their hands in the holy
tie. (Then addressing the bridegroom :) - The duties which belong to the
character of a ...