Secret Societies Vol 3 The Collegiate Secret Societies Of America

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Cornellian ...

Margaret Bourke White

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Then, suddenly, sales stopped. It was months before sales picked up again. Time
passed, and Margaret continued to invest more time in photography than in her
nature studies. She took a course in journalism and submitted a photograph to
the Cornell Alumni News, which later began paying her five dollars on a regular
basis for photographs of the campus buildings. The attention did not stop there.
Several Cornell alumni (graduates) who were architects sent her letters. They
were ...


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I would particularly like to thank Gould P. Colman for all his help both as Cornell
University Archivist and as a member of Book and Bowl. 27. Quoted in Emuson
Hinchliff, “Intelligence,” the Cornell Alumni News, June 15, 1957, p. 638. 28. In
the 1950s Bishop appears to have lost much of his enthusiasm for Book and
Bowl. Thus he wrote to his friends, Richard and Lisa Robinson, on April 21, 1953:
“I never go to the Book and Bowl any more. The gap has become too great.” The “
gap” he ...

Women At Cornell

Author: Charlotte Williams Conable
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After graduation, men and women maintained separate alumni class
organizations, separate reunion programs, and separate columns of class news
in the Cornell Alumni News. In 1951, when the suggestion was made by the
senior class that the alumni classes might be combined in the interest of
economy, this idea was vetoed by officials as too severe a departure from
established tradition, which was based, they said, on the different interests of
men and women.39 For many years, ...

Princeton Alumni Weekly

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accompanying picture showing the start of the recent intercollegiate crosscountry
run at Princeton, the following instructive comment on the remarkable success of
Cornell in long-distance running is from the Cornell Alumni News : ''To one who
has never met the procession of white-clad runners coming down Central avenue
toward the Gymnasium in the winter dusk, there may seem something uncanny in
the ...

Catalog Of Copyright Entries

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A Chronicle Of Permutation Statistical Methods

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The American College Town

Author: Blake Gumprecht
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Crum, ...

Cornell 69

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We at Cornell have been through the tire, for which we were not fully prepared."""'
Meanwhile, three studcnu—Paul llahe, Karen Noviclt, and Ellen lichatz— showed
up on a mission to counter the president's claims. Rshc, lite- rnost outspolten
critic ofthe administration on the Salt, had written a negative article for the Cornell
Alumni News. but Editor John Mareltam had turned it down because of its
vehemenoe and because he had his own plans, which we will discuss shortly.
llalte and ...