The Feminine Monarchy

Author: Charles Butler
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This Is A New Release Of The Original 1623 Edition.

The Female Monarchy Or The Natural History Of Bees

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Why must the Female be crowned with Honour and regal Dignities, and all the
Enfigns of Royalty; when at the fame Time the Males are degraded, treated with
the utmoft Contempt, triumphed over, and trampled upon by the Populace and
Commonalty ; expelled and banished, and, in a Word, flain without Mercy? Or
have these Gentlemen quite forgot what they were - taught when School-boys,
that the Mafculine Gender is more worthy than the Feminine ? But to enter into
the Merits of ...

Ritual And Conflict The Social Relations Of Childbirth In Early Modern England

Author: Adrian Wilson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317062507
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Significantly, Charles Butler used both these words in his The Feminine
Monarchy; or, a treatise concerning bees, published in 1609.” Precisely because
the polity of the bees was a 'feminine monarchy', male bees were 'skimmingtons
and female bees were shrews'. Nor was it an accident that Shakespeare's The
Taming of the Shrew and Butler's The Feminine Monarchy appeared in
consecutive decades; for both were informed by a burgeoning printed debate on
gender-relations ...

The Feminine Dynamic In English Art 1485 603

Author: SusanE. James
Publisher: Routledge
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always one theme running through the fabric of international diplomacy during
Elizabeth's reign, as the years passed the demand for realism in royal portraiture
meant for display in England diminished. Keeping the painted face of the queen '
fresh' became less important than keeping it dignified. In part, this was a reaction
to the lack of likenesses available depicting an identifiable human being with
recognizable human characteristics, a gallery of maturing monarchy such as
Lucas de ...

The Feminine Monarchie Or The Historie Of Bees

Author: Charles Butler
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J. W. H.L. NQ O - "I - * a --- I. M B A N E. ############### **-* t s of all states the
Monarchie is bea, so of all Monarchies that Fe mi- nine, of ` . They vuork in
common for the common ...

The Hive

Author: Bee Wilson
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1466870699
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Swammerdam', pp. viii-ix. 75. Ibid., pp. xiv, ii. 76. Ibid., pp. 14, ix. 77.
Swammerdam, The Book qf Nature, ...

The Presence Of The Feminine In Film

Author: Virginia Apperson
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443804169
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Her stalling is egged on by the attitudes of two powerful families—her own, which
except for her callowly intuitive son Charles, fails to recognize the public relations
problem she is creating by her insistence that this is a private matter for them; and
the political family of the new Labor Prime Minister, Tony Blair, which is aligned
with the people and against the monarchy. Blair's people—his teasingly
insinuating wife Cherie, who thinks the monarchy should be abolished, and his
satiric ...

Order And Disorder Under The Ancien R Gime

Author: Jeffrey Merrick
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443807540
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John Levett, The Ordering of Bees (London, 1634), 62. 28. Moffett, Theatre of
Insects, 3: 905; Charles Butler. The Feminine Monarchy, or the History of Bees (
Oxford, 1634), 5; and Samuel Purchas, Theatre of Political Flying Insects (London
., 1657), 33. 29. Ibid., 40. 30. Butler, Feminine Monarchy, 60. Butler dedicated his
book to James I's wife Anne of Denmark, whom he described as a model of “
beauty, majesty, temperance, chastity, prudence, taciturnity, and other princessly

Splendid Monarchy

Author: Takashi Fujitani
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520213718
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... feminine arts and possessed of the proper ladylike and nurturing qualities.
Even when seen or represented in nondomestic activities, they displayed the “
womanly” and “motherly” qualities of nurturing or service, most conspicuously in
war relief efforts, nursing, and charity work.” Their supportive and nurturing role
was, of course, displayed in the widely publicized imperial pageants. However,
lest the message of the images be too oblique, the official image found its way
into news ...