A Typographical Curiosity On The Natural History And Management Of Bees Signed R R I E Robert Russell

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the author of a recent publication on the history of bees. His argument, however,
we consider but very weak. \Vith' more of plaisanterz'eithan solid reasoning, be
oh— serves,—“Mr Huber was aware of the dilemma into which he would be
thrown by making the queen-bee and drone to copulate in the hive, and he
therefore gives her a roving commission tosearch'the woods for her paramour.”
Almost the only cogent reason Huish assigns why the queen could not be “
fruetified a la fiuber ...

A Treatise On The Natural History And Management Of Bees

Author: James Bonar
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Man, hitherto the chief enemy of bees, 216, 217. Management of bees, directions
for the, in winter, 99, et seq. in March, April, and May, 121, et teq., see Bees, Cold,
Hives, &c. March, bees begin to carry loads in, 125 ; directions how to manage
bees in, 121, & seq. see Bees, Hives, &c. Max-well, R. a writer on bees, 2; quoted
, 157. May, how to manage bees in, 121, & seq. particular attention to be paid to
bees this month, 131; how to choose a hive at this period, 134 ; see Bees, Hives,

Bees Their Natural History And General Management By Robert Huish

Author: Robert Huish
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... his history of the birth of his six queens would be to fill our pages with a series
of the wildest extravagancies and the most absurd fictions, which ever polluted a
work, professing to be the history of a living creature. To those, however, who
wish to experience to what extent the vagrant fancy of an individual can carry him
, we refer them to page 193, et seq. of Huber's work, or to the transcript of his
absurdities in the pages of the Insect Architecture, the History of the Hive Bee,
published ...

A Treatise On The Management Of Bees To Which Are Added The Natural History Of Wasps And Hornets And The Means Of Destroying Them

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At last the il/Brious Boerhaave, from his zeal for natural history, purchafd them of
Mr. du Verney, and engaged the learned Gaubius to tran/ate them into Latin, and
to get them printed in Dutch and Latin, which he lath executed. They make two
volumes in folio, the last of which was publised in the year 1738. The history of
bees, which is contained in this work, an/ivers the idea that Boerhaave had
raised of it. [Vid. Reaumur's Hiitoire des Infects, tom. V. p. 208.] Notwithstanding
the ...

A Treatise On The Management Of Bees

Author: Thomas Wildman
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... a treatife upon bees, which he prefented to the pope, Urbin VIII, and gave
expećtance of to the public, together with the defcription of the parts of this animal
, drawn with the affistance of the mifcroscope by Stelluti of the fame academy: But
it is not known what is become of that work, nor of that which Swammerdam
promised feveral years ago, on the anatomy of this animal. Swammerdam's
History of Bees was written in Dutch ; he left it, together with his other mantfcripts,
in ligacy to his ...