Cursed By Fire

Author: Jacquelyn Frank
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0345549902
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As the lovers ignite a searing passion, Dethan will risk all—even the wrath of the Goddess of Conflict—for a chance to make Selinda his forever. From the Paperback edition.

Animal Futurity A Plea For The Immortality Of The Brutes

Author: Joseph Hamilton
Size: 43.62 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The curse pronounced upon the serpent is another part of this difficulty. Evidently,
that part of the curse must be applied to Satan, which relates to the brusing of the
serpent's head. But it is not surprising that the instrument of the crime, the reptile
itself, should be made to wear a token of the Divine displeasure. This is quite in
keeping with the known method of the Divine procedure in other and smaller
matters, and hence the serpent is degraded and made to go upon its belly all the
days ...

Earthly Trials And The Glory Of The Immortal Life

Author: Jane E. Stebbins
Size: 28.34 MB
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Embracing Numerous Examples of the Struggles and Triumphs in Christian Life:
Also, the Prophecies and Proofs of the Great Doctrine of Immortality ... Wih
Meditations Upon Death, Resurrection, Heaven, Its Beatitude and Glory, Its
Service and Society .. Jane E. Stebbins ... it does, than to see a single heart
desolated by the fires of passion, and blasted by the fearful simooms of malice
and envy. A heart- waste is a melancholy sight ; but O, how many have been
seen under the curse !

The Immortality Of The Soul

Author: Hiram Mattison
Size: 41.21 MB
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But if we are to live forever beyond the grave—if the curse of sin must either be
removed by a sacrificial expiation, accepted by each individual spirit, or borne
forever in the world to come, then the redemption of the soul becomes a theme
that angels may well desire to look into. Well might the Father eternal give his
only begotten Son to become the propitiation for our sins. Well might he wrap
himself in the vestments of our humanity, that through death he might redeem us
from the ...

The Immortality Of The Soul

Author: Luther Lee
Size: 54.61 MB
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The penalty of the law is an evil, a curse, and yet this view supposes that one part
of the curse of the Divine law renders the other portion desirable. 3. To suppose
that the punishment of sin consists of suffering in part, and of annihilation in part,
represents the penalty of the Divine law to be indefinite, confused and
heterogeneous. If annihilation be the penalty of the law, even in part, it must be
inflicted in every case of punishment. As shown above, the least of sinners must
deserve ...

Death In Adam But Life In Christ Shewing The Curse Of God On Mortal Men To Be The End Of Their Being Or Death And That The Gift Of God In Christ Is Length Of Days For Ever And Ever Or Life Being A Reply To W Felton

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It has been seen that Adam need not possess immortal life himself to be God's
image; for he was so in many other senses. But if he was so in one other respect
only, then it will appear that we are not justified in fixing upon Immortality; for who,
in the absence of positive direction, shall dare to decide? But if our opposers will
still insist that the image of God consists in his having possession of immortal life
—again I will refer them to the tree of life, as the only way it can be true; and this,

Immortal Protector

Author: Claire Ashgrove
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN: 1466840773
Size: 38.94 MB
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After the brutal murder of his seraph, Iain Donnelly's salvation is eternally lost.

The Curse Of Clifton

Author: Emma Dorothy E. Nevitte Southworth
Size: 20.59 MB
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Real love is immortal, lady ; it cannot be killed." "Ah, child, you speak without
knowledge." " Without experimental knowledge, Miss Clifton ; and all the highest
truths we have are obtained without experimental knowledge. I know that true
affection is undying, by the same light that, without the Bible, shows me that God
exists — that He made all souls, and that all souls are immortal. It is one of the '
self-evident ' truths. Ah, Miss Clifton, true affection can no more be killed by scorn
than an ...