The Last Nightingale

Author: Anthony Flacco
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 9780812977578
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In the midst of the devastating April 1906 earthquake that had rocked San Francisco, a maniacal serial killer plots the murder of the entire Nightingale family, while Sergeant Randall Blackburn, aided by twelve-year-old Shane Nightingale, ...

Poetical Works

Author: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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And all with cares and business of their own t I ran the whole quay down against
their eyes ; No Marian ; nowhere Marian. Almost ... I stood still, breathless, gazing
, straining out In every uncertain distance, till at last, A gentleman abstracted as
myself Came full against me, then resolved the clash In voluble excuses, —
obviously Some learned member of the Institute Upon his way there, walking, for
his health. ... 1 must not linger here from Italy Till the last nightingale is tired of

The Poetical Works Of

Author: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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I must not linger here from Italy Till the last nightingale is tired of song, And the
last fire-fly dies off in the maize. My soul's in haste to leap into the sun And scorch
and seeth itself to a finer mood, Which here, in this chill north, is apt to stand Too
stiffly in former moulds. That face persisis. It floats up, it turns over in my mind, As
like to Marian, as one dead is like The same alive.. In very deed a face And not a
fancy, though it vanished so; The small fair face between the darks of hair, I used
to ...

The Last Days Of Queen Caroline With Plates Including A Portrait

Author: Joseph NIGHTINGALE
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Joseph NIGHTINGALE. , erred honestly, and with an intention to do the best. I
took the opportunity when the church was nearly empty; the plate was fixed in
less than three minutes; and it was not until after it was actually fixed, that any
representation was made to me upon the subject. As I was about to leave the
church, a communication with regard to the plate was made to me by the
illustrious Mr. Thomas ; I remonstrated against what was intended, and at last
entreated that, before it ...

Memoirs Of The Last Days Of Her Late Most Gracious Majesty Caroline Queen Of Great Britain And Consort Of King George The Fourth

Author: Joseph Nightingale
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Joseph Nightingale. tA hk Majesty's ministers. NW tx*, who had been
accustorried to look "upon it wkh respect, even when he most condemned its
conduct, thought that his Majesty1?* ministers ought to have paid some attention
to the opinions which it had expressed, especially as those opinions were those
held fey all the people of England, who had not receive'd from Government
money, or money's worth. The /Corporation of London had, a few days before the
Queen's funeral, ...

Florence Nightingale The Crimean War

Author: Lynn McDonald
Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
ISBN: 1554582458
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We had, in the first seven months of the Crimean campaign, a mortality among
the troops at the rate of 60 percent per annum from disease alone, a rate of
mortality which exceeds that of the great plague in the population of London, and
a higher ratio than the mortality in cholera to the attacks; that is to say, that there
died out of the army in the Crimea an annual rate greater than ordinarily die in
time of pestilence out of sick. We had, during the last six months of the war, a
mortality ...

The Life Of Florence Nightingale Complete

Author: Sir Edward Tyas Cook
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465539549
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Queen Alexandra sent a message referring to “the pioneer of the first Red Cross
movement, Miss Florence Nightingale, whose heroic efforts on behalf of suffering
humanity will be recognized and admired by all ages as long as the world shall
last.” The Conference, on the initiative of the Hungarian delegates, resolved
unanimously that “the great and incomparable name of Miss Florence
Nightingale, whose merits in the field of humanity are never to be forgotten, and
who raised the ...


Author: Kristin Hannah
ISBN: 9781250072252
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Despite their differences, sisters Vianne and Isabelle have always been close.

Exploring Environmental History Selected Essays

Author: T. C. Smout
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 074865397X
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This is a matter for the whole British nation . . . This is not a question of minor or
transient aims. The Highlands are the spiritual heritage of the whole people
which it is the duty of Parliament to preserve'.67 The Conservative member for
Twickenham, Keeling, was on the same side: I know that a great many people do
not care for nature at all, and would boil down the last nightingale if they could
get a farthing's worth of glue out of his bones. But to those people I will put two
practical ...

When The Nightingale Sings

Author: John Ashton Williams
Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.
ISBN: 1622874897
Size: 70.57 MB
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The Major marched past Rudy and up the stairs. Hitler struggled to his feet.
Bracing against the wall he crept back into the conference room. His stooped
shadow melted into the dim-light. Rudy must have heard the Generals wrong.
Surely the Fuehrer would not kill himself. Who would lead the Fatherland? He put
the last broken piece on the tray and headed up the stairs. Fraulein sat at the
kitchen table smoking cigarettes and drinking 12 WHEN THE NIGHTINGALE
SINGS Chapter ...