Author: Jared M. Diamond
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A History Of The Ancient Southwest

Author: Stephen H. Lekson
Publisher: School for Advanced Research on the
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Histories of the Southwest typically begin with Cabeza de Vaca, the shipwrecked
Spaniard whose epic wanderings took him through a corner of New Mexico or
well south of New Mexico (depending on whom you believe) in 1536. De Vaca
never saw the pueblos, but he heard rumors of great cities. Francisco Vasquez
de Coronado, inspired by de Vaca's stories, mounted an expedition into the
Southwest in 1540- 1541. M Hoping to find the seven cities, an Old World myth
transported ...

Archaeology On Film

Author: Mary Downs
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NORTH AMERICA NORTH AMERICA Discovery of America: The Early
Discoverers (see Americana series) Doorway to the Past The Early Americans
Early Man in North America (see The Origins of Man series) Earth Lodge People
(see ... in the Stone (see Ascent of Man series) Ground Truth: Archaeology in the
City Heroes and the Test of Time (see Smithsonian World series) Hisatsinom:
The Ancient Ones How Old is Old? Ice-Age Crossings (see Archaeology: The
Series 1993-94) In ...

Dig Here

Author: Thomas Penfield
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"Dig Here!" is a gold mine itself, overflowing with fascinating lore, spellbinding backgrounds, driving Western drama ' and exciting, reliable facts!

Pacific Discovery

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But no one could throw much light on their origin or meaning. We turned to the
library, and were surprised to find volumes on rock-writing from all parts of the
world . . . except the Southwest. The famous "cave man" ... Not that this meant the
New World lacked such art ... for both North and South America are dotted with
petroglyphs . . . but American archeologists have given more attention to the
resolvable aspects of ancient culture: pottery, graves, bones, ruins. Petroglyphs
yield few ...

Video Sourcebook

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... Ones Ancient America: Indians of the Southwest Ancient America: More Than
Bows and Arrows Ancient America: Nomadic Indians of the West Ancient
Americans-The Mayas and Aztecs The Ancient Art of Pottery: Daughters of the
Anasazi Ancient Indian Cultures of Northern Arizona The Ancient Ones The
Ancient Spirit, Living Word: Oral Tradition ...And The Word Was God ...And
Woman Wove It in a Basket... Angoon One Hundred Years Later Angry Joe Bass
Annie and the Old One ...

The World Almanac Book Of Facts

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Through the work ot eleven expeditions of the National Geographie Society In the
Southwest of the United States, a chronology for that region has been
established, going back to A. D. 700. .... A Toledo Museum of Art-University of
Michigan expedition reported the discovery of three ancient cities burled at Tel
Omar — Selukla, one of the provincial capitals of Alexander the Great; Opls, its
predecessor, a trade poet of the Sumerlans; and Akshak, the oldest, a
contemporary of Ur. Yale ...

Missouri Archaeological Society Quarterly

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The New World's Old World: Photographic Views of Ancient America contains
some remarkable photographs of America's archaeological landscapes and
monuments obtained from pioneering to current photographers. ... Outside of the
Southwest, the only images published in this volume north of Mexico are one of
the Serpent Mound in Ohio taken by Marilyn Bridges in 1982 and one of the Big
Mound in St. Louis taken by Thomas Easterly during its destruction in 1869. At
least 71 ...

Sacred Objects And Sacred Places

Author: Andrew Gulliford
Publisher: Niwot, Colo. : University Press of Colorado
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Today, the Ute Mountain Ute respectfully refer to the Anasazi as the Ancient
Pueblo people, and the land those old ones lived on is being carefully protected
by the tribe. To preserve the spectacular Cliff Palace, Spruce Tree House, ...
Through gently falling snow in the dim light of a winter afternoon, they looked
across the canyon to see a lost Indian village built into a huge alcove of rock, with
room blocks almost six stories tall. After publication of William Henry Jackson's
photographs of ...