The Memoir Project

Author: Marion Roach Smith
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1455501824
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Previously self-published in April 2010 (under the title Writing What You Know: Realia), the book has already proven hugely popular, and with its new title and updated content, it is sure to find an even bigger and even more enthusiastic ...

The Feminist Memoir Project

Author: Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 9780813539737
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MEMOIR. PROJECT. Rachel. Blau. DuPlessis. and. Ann. Snitow. The memoirs
and responses you are about to read were written by people transformed by the
contemporary United States women's movement. Focusing on second-wave
feminism beginning about 1965, this book explores how it felt to live through and
contribute to massive social change. In the context of a general upsurge of
political energy, feminism created a movement of breadth and staying power,
hope and ...

Military Schools And Courses Of Instruction In The Science And Art Of War In France Prussia Austria Russia Sweden Switzerland Sardinia England And The United States

Author: Henry Barnard
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Drawn from Recent Officials Reports and Documents Henry Barnard. WORKS 0!'
APPLICATION. Name of work. Survey of a Building : Sketch (out-ofdoor work,) .
Drawing, . . . . . Memoir,.... . . . Project for a Buildin : Sketch. ( rst study in pencil.) . .
. . . . . . Drawing, (fair copy,).... .. Detal s,... .. .. Memoir, . .. Abstraction of
Measurements and Estimates Artil- Engilery. neers. 8 Engineer'. Credit: for
Inctureu. Engineere. I Vlrioul. RECAPYIULATION 01' THE. No. Days allowed for
execution of work ...

American Journal Of Education

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Sketch (out-of- means of plans, sections, and ele- The sketches are executed to
door work,). 8 8 vations. scales approximating to one-fifDrawing,.....|21). 31.21%.
31. The memoir contains an accu-tieth for the whole drawing, of Memoir,....... 2 2
rate and critical description of the one-twentieth for the large details, Project for a
uilding: Sketch, (first study in pencil.) ... . . . . . Drawing, (fair copy,). Details Memoir
. ..... Abstruction of Mensurements and Estimutes Diagram of the Stability:

The American Journal Of Education

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2\ Project for a Building: Sketch, (first study in pen cil.) Drawing, (fair copy,)...,
Details Memoir. ... Abstraction of Measurements and Estimates Diagram of the
Stability: Drawing, . . Memoir, ... Project for an Hydraulic con tlructton : Sketches
Drawing,.... , Memoir, , Total Artil- Engi- lery. neers ...

A Jewish Life On Three Continents

Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 0804786208
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Indeed, as we have noted, it was at about the same time that Frieden completed
work on his memoir that he began to keep a journal as a sort of continuation of
his memoir project, making intermittent and sometimes repetitive entries
describing his experiences in Norfolk, chronicling what he was hearing in the
news about the fighting in Palestine and about the complex diplomatic
maneuverings that followed in the wake of the November 1947 decision by the
United Nations to ...

Illuminating The Past

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These were then printed on giant luminaries and displated outside the Owen Miles House. This book gathers together those photos and single-line memoires to make a printed archive of the Community Memoir Project"--Book jacket.

Military Schools And Courses Of Instruction In The Science And Art Of War In France Prussia Austria Russia Sweden Switzerland Sardinia England And The United States Drawn From Recent Official Reports And Documents By Henry Barnard

Author: Henry Barnard
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Detailr . . . Memoir. . . . . . . . . . ~ . Abltraction ofquantitiel and estimates, _ , _
Diagram of Stability. Drawing" . . . Memoir, . . . . . . . . .. Project of an Hydruulic
construction. Sketch, . . . . . . . . . . . Drawing. . . . ' Memoir,. . . . . . :. Tot-01,. . . . . ah-li
-l m b >uf doora, 6 h. Attendance! in hall! 4' hourI. l Men-min. i Varioul. l9: - 93“ fl
him“) uh: tTho tim. allowed for the thIM out of tho halls 0! mafia RICAPITULATION
ectnrea, ...

Expanding The Classroom

Author: Colette A. Hyman
Publisher: Feminist Press at CUNY
ISBN: 9781558612327
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A review of Rachel Blau DuPlessis and Ann Snitow, eds., The Feminist Memoir
Project: Voices from Women's Liberation (New York: Three Rivers Press, 1998)
This collection might well be entitled Love Stories, so shaped is the book by the
major question posed by the editors: "We asked our authors to focus on the initial
burst of excitement and engagement that marked their entry into the women's
movement" (3) . The focus allows the writers to dwell freely on feminism's second
wave's ...


Author: Great Britain. Commissioners Appointed to Consider the Best Mode of Re-organizing the System for Training Officers for the Scientific Corps
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Military recon- APPENDIX I— naissances. ^ ~~~ 5. Precis of the campaigns of the
French armies. Field Fortification. 6. Analysis of the principal campaigns of great
captains. 2. Programme of the Works of Application executed in the Halls of Study
. These works consist of four Plates of Drawings, two Memoirs, and a Project of
Field Drawings. Fortification. Of the four Plates of Drawings, two relate to Field
Fortification, and two, accompanied by Memoirs, relate to Military